Yellow Formal Dresses

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Yellow dresses are such a bright and happy color for a prom. The color of the sun, the center of a daisy, and the leaves turning in fall. Yellow is a much harder color to find the best shade for your skin. Yellows can be pale, bright or darker. It is important to not rule out yellow prom dresses because you don't think you can wear it. There are so many shades of yellow prom dresses, and if one shades isn't your color, there is another shade of yellow that may be a perfect match. Baby or soft yellow dresses can be very pretty on tanned skin or someone with very dark hair. More of a medium yellow with gold undertones look great on blondes with fairer skin. The most famous gown of all time is Kate Hudson's epic yellow dress in how to lose a guy in 10 days. Every girl loved the dress on her with her role in the movie. The scene when she walks away with the strappy back yellow dress is a scene stealer. If you want to grab everyone's attention then search for yellow prom dresses to create your own version of the famous movie scene! We love yellow dresses and think that it is a beautiful color to wear for prom especially if you wear it well. Wear your yellow prom dresses in the summer and the fall. These yellow dresses are great for the spring too!

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