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Steal the night with a yellow prom dress! Prom dresses come in different colors, but the ones you see the most are blue, white, and red. One overlooked yet beautiful color is yellow. Yes, yellow is a unique color that can make you stand out during this important event. Now, the only thing you have to figure out is how to wear yellow prom dresses because there is a right way and a wrong way to do this.

Why are people afraid of yellow? Perhaps one reason you don't see yellow often at proms is that some people think it is a tricky color to wear. You may have heard people say that certain skin tones don’t work with yellow, or the color might make your skin look green or sickly.

These ideas aren't really true. Yellow is no different from any other color, but you need to know how to wear it. That doesn't make it a trickier color than others, so it is okay to look at yellow formal dresses.

Another reason people are afraid of yellow is that it is a loud color. A person's eye is going to be drawn to that bright color before any other. Some feel a little self-conscious about that, but you shouldn't. Prom is a time to shine, so why not shine like a star?

Skin Tones and Yellow

All colors need to be personalized to match a person's skin tone perfectly, and yellow is no different. The following are a few tips to help guide you to the right shade of yellow to match your skin tone.

Light or Fair Skin

Those who have light skin or fair skin should try to stick to dark yellow prom dresses. A good mustard yellow might look great with your skin tone.

The reason light shades may not work is that your skin has light undertones, and they will blend in with your skin. That is not attractive, so you want to pay attention to that.

Medium to Olive Oil Skin

Those with a slightly darker skin tone can consider brighter shades of pastel yellow. Lighter shades can make you look like you are glowing because of their contrast with your skin. Of course, try your best to stick with the yellow shade you are most comfortable with, but you definitely do not have to worry about choosing something too bright. Darker yellows may not be as flattering, so stay away from shades like mustard yellow as an example.

Tan to Black Skin Tone

Tan to black skin tones should blend magically with just about any shade of yellow. This bright color is not only going to help make your skin look spectacular by showing the world how special it is; it is also going to make the yellow stand out much more.

The brighter the shade, the more interesting the shade will look. It is important that you allow a little more of your skin to show if you are attempting to use yellow to highlight your natural skin color. Think of strapless long yellow or gold prom dresses, cocktail dresses, or mermaid dresses.

What colors pair well with yellow? The next thing you want to worry about is how to properly pair your yellow dress.

Knowing how to pair yellow with other colors opens you up to many opportunities when it comes to yellow formal dresses. You can choose a prom dress that has some of the colors yellow pairs with to give that party dress a little more depth.

Two of the safest colors to match with yellow are white or black. Both colors should make your yellow shade stand out beautifully and give it a majestic look, which is a good thing to have.

Additional colors to consider are blues, oranges, pinks, and purples. All of these colors could complement your shade. Consider them as accessories to balance out the colors you are wearing to your prom night. Be sure to concentrate on the accessories that will be highlighted that night, like your shoes and purse.

How to Use Makeup With Your Yellow Dress

An important factor to consider is how you are going to match your makeup to the dress. The following are a few pointers that should help guide you in the right direction:

Application to the Face

Keep in mind that the color you are wearing is pretty loud. You do not want to wear makeup that will outshine the beautiful short yellow homecoming dress you are wearing. What you can do is use something that gives you a natural skin color or something a little muted.

Wearing bright makeup could make you look costume-y, and that is probably not a look you want to have that night. Focus on things like a good concealer to ensure the natural makeup you use makes you look spectacular. In essence, what you want to show with your makeup is a lightness.

A Look at Your Cheeks

It is important to make sure your cheeks are telling the world you are healthy and warm. This means you want to create a healthy glow with your makeup.

Stick to cream-based sheer cheek tints to start, which should give you that glow. Make sure you focus on highlighting your cheekbones as you normally do. Try to stick to warm blush colors like peach, coral, warm pinks, or even light orange. These colors are not too overpowering and should make your cheeks look stunning.

Focusing on Your Eyes a Bit

That bright yellow lace dress is going to look amazing if you find a way to beautify your eyes to match that dress. What you want to do is keep it simple since your dress is doing a lot of heavy lifting already. Apply a simple khol line around your eyes to draw attention to them but nothing overpowering. Do not add color to them.

Dealing With Those Lips

Do your best to keep those lips soft and tender when it comes to the colors you use. A simple gloss will do just fine, but it should not be too sparkly as this could be overpowering.

You could stick to nude pink or light rose lipstick to go along with your pale yellow gown. Be sure to avoid strong colors, like reds or strong matte colors, even if these are quite popular at the moment. The key with your lips is simplicity.

Hopefully, now you can see that wearing a beautiful red carpet designer yellow dress to your prom is more than appropriate and can make you look stunning if you wear it right. You can talk to a stylist to help you if you still have questions or simply want to run an idea by them.

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