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White prom dresses are seen as a very elegant, peaceful, and calming. The color white symbolizes purity in the American tradition of weddings, but is very common in pageants, and proms. They range from a natural shade and can be extremely stark or have a hint of off white. This is often seen as a winning color for pageants. In most of the Junior Miss Scholarship Pageants the teen contestants are required to wear ivory Grecian-like formal gowns. A new trend is to have white bridesmaids dresses like at the royal wedding of William and Kate. And since then, Kim Kardashian also adopted white dresses for her nuptials. In our retail stores, we are seeing many girls ask for a white and gold prom dress which has been popular recently on the red carpet.

This color is beautiful on even the palest skin tone. Designers love white on chiffons and silks to create a free-flowing whimsical look. Many are also designed with traditional heavy satins and laces for bridal attire. Short white dresses or white cocktail dresses are frequently seen at graduations in high honors, a symbol of excellence. A sexy white dress stays very popular year after year because they can be worn throughout any season even though many of the winter's shades of ivory are more of a natural cream. Long white evening gowns are easily mixed with black, gold, silver or any additional hue because white is a very good base color when you are looking to accessorize with brighter colors, or want a simple style. Pro tip: they will always make you look tanner than you really are. If you have a more fair skin tone and you're worried white will wash you out, mix it up and choose from our pretty selection of black and white dresses. The contrast of two polar opposite colors is both eye-catching and won't blend with your skin tone. If you plan on wearing white prom dresses, we have thousands of cheap, beautiful options available right here online!

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