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When it comes to choosing a prom dress, it's not just the style and color you need to think about. You should also consider what material you want your dress to be. One unique choice you should contemplate is a velvet prom dress.

A Brief History of the Velvet

There is some uncertainty where velvet originated. Although many attribute velvet to Western Royalty culture, there's a lot of evidence to suggest that the material was invented in Eastern countries. Pieces of velvet have been found in China dating back to the Qin Dynasty (221-206 B.C.E.) and the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.E. - 23 C.E.). Iraq and Egypt were also one of the first mass producers of velvet. Italy was the first European country to start producing velvet, and the material boomed during the Renaissance period. Velvet was associated with the wealthy upper class.

The red carpet has seen plenty of fantastic velvet dresses. If you need some inspiration for your prom dress, we recommend checking out Shailene Woodley's plunging, moss green velvet dress at the 2017 Emmys. Or, Khloe Kardashian's long sleeve red velvet dress at Elton John's Oscar Party. For an elegant, formal gown, check out Lady Gaga's black, off the shoulder velvet dress at the 2016 Golden Globes.

Velvet is a very adaptable material that can come in any style. You'll be able to find velvet dresses as a pageant gown, formal gown, cocktail dress, or whatever style you prefer. Velvet is a very flattering material that coats the body. Plus size women don't ever have to worry about rocking a velvet dress. Just check out Danielle Brooks' in her blue velvet gown!

How to Style a Velvet Prom Dress

If you're choosing a velvet prom dress, we recommend you purchase some eye-catching accessories. Velvet dresses tend to come in a single color rather than a pattern. Whenever you're wearing a single color dress, it's a nice opportunity to add some contrast with your shoes, jewelry, or handbags.

Remember that a velvet prom dress is a unique choice. You may be the only young lady at the prom who is wearing this material! Feel confident and proud in your decision, and get ready for all eyes to be on you.

Velvet dresses are a 90's formal wear trend that is making a huge comeback! Whether it is crushed velvet or velveteen, this lustrous material is sure to turn heads when the wearer walks into the room. A popular trend with celebrities and prom-goers alike, this trend is a show-stopper both on the red carpet and on the dance floor.

Genealogy Boutique has created a wide assortment of gorgeous velvet formal dresses that are suitable for a variety of formal events. Whether you are attending a prom, homecoming, or a gala, there is a velvet dress here that will best suit your body type, personal style, and event. For a winter or holiday formal event, long sleeve prom dresses in a dark shade of red would be just the pick. Check out a velvet green prom dress for a show-stopping option for your next pageant or winter formal. Our collection of velvet gowns feature a variety of necklines from strapless, to off the shoulder and halter necklines. The variation of details on our velvet dresses is endless! Choose from dresses with an assortment of beadwork, cutouts, and silhouettes that best suit your personal style. A fit and flare would be a perfect choice for a girl who does not wish to flaunt her figure while a sexy figure-hugging silhouette would be a daring option for the girl who isn't afraid to flaunt her curves. Whether you are searching for glamorous A-line ball gown dresses, or a sexy little black dress, it will always look so much better in velvet!

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