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La Femme 28472
sweetheart neckline fitted two piece $298.00 Best Seller
Sherri Hill 53602
High Slit 2-Piece Open Back Fitted Dress $480.00
Alyce Paris 60774
2 piece v neck high slit $338.00
La Femme 28624
Halter Neckline Two Piece $318.00
La Femme 28473
V Neckline Open Back Long Dress $318.00
Sherri Hill 53448
Two piece fitted sequin $450.00
Morilee Prom 45011
Lace-Up Two Piece with Tulle and Lace Applique $498.00
La Femme 28578
straight neckline two piece $298.00
Alyce Paris 60772
High Neck 2 Piece Fitted Gown $318.00
Sherri Hill 52087
High Neckline Beaded 2 Piece Short Dress $550.00
La Femme 27489
Two Piece Straight Neckline Dress $578.00
Sherri Hill 53236
Metallic Off-The-Shoulder Two Piece $398.00
Sherri Hill 52808
Two Piece Mermaid with Beading $498.00
Studio 17 12705
Halter neckline two piece satin $306.00
Sherri Hill 52612
Off-The-Shoulder Satin Two-Piece $450.00
Sherri Hill 52734
Two Piece Mermaid $450.00
Sherri Hill 52435
High Neckline Capped Sleeve 2 Piece Ball Gown Dress $698.00
Sherri Hill 52633
Two-Piece Mermaid with Beaded Straps and Waistline $550.00
Sherri Hill 52682
Beaded Two-Piece Halter $750.00
La Femme 27589
Lace Two Piece V-Neck $478.00
Sherri Hill 52491
Two Piece Halter Neckline Dress $450.00
Alyce Paris 60329
High Neck 2 Piece A Line Gown $338.00 $98.00
Sherri Hill 52598
Two-Piece A-Line with Deep-V $550.00
Alyce Paris 60601
Two-Piece Halter Neckline with High Slit $288.00
Sherri Hill 52754
Two-piece taffeta ballgown with lace bodice and ruffle front slit skirt $550.00
La Femme 27028
Two Piece Lace A-Line Dress $578.00
Sherri Hill 52470
Two Piece Print Mermaid $550.00
Sherri Hill 52617
Print Two-Piece with Ruffle Front Slit $598.00
Sherri Hill 52809
Lone Sleeve Crochet Two-Piece $598.00

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Prom is one of the most exciting nights in a young woman's life. It can be challenging knowing which style of dress to pick because your prom dress will very much define your night. You need to find a dress that you feel comfortable and beautiful in, that showcases your style and personality, and that lets you stand out from the rest.

Two-piece prom dresses have been a hot new trend over the last few years. A two-piece prom dress is appealing as it's versatile and the top can be repurposed for new outfits. Choosing a two-piece prom dress can be exciting and bold, and is likely a choice that will make you the center of attention on your magical prom night!

The Evolution of the Prom Dress

Prom dresses have gone through a wide range of fashion trends throughout the years. Starting with shiny fabrics in the 80s, to big sleeves and belted waists in the 90s, to shawls and aqua gowns in the early 2000s, and the now famous two-piece dresses as of the last few years.

Famous Two-Piece Dresses

Some famous two-piece dresses on the big screen include Ivy Forrestor's two-piece wedding gown to Liam Spencer on soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful and Kate Wright's two-piece dress in reality tv show The Only Way is Essex.

Celebrities that Love Two-Piece Dresses

Many celebrities have rocked two-piece dresses recently. Most iconic is the two-piece gowns worn by Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Zendaya, and Sarah Hyland.

Styles & Designs for Two-Piece Dresses

Two-piece dresses can be quite versatile. While some people may think a 2 piece prom dress is not formal, this is simply not true! Two-piece prom gowns can be very elegant. You can choose to have both pieces matching, or have the top the same shade as the bottom but otherwise quite different. Two-piece prom dresses come in long gowns or short skirts. Additionally, you can choose to have a high-neck or low-neck top, and you can choose an embellished top or a more simple top paired with stunning jewelry.

A two-piece dress brings attention to your midriff, so it's incredibly flattering on women with smaller waists. If paired with a long skirt, the skirt will give the impression of elongated legs.

While many fashion magazines will advise a two-piece gown should only be worn by "skinny" girls, that's simply not true! A high waisted skirt is flattering on women of all shapes and sizes.

2 Piece Prom Dresses

Choosing a two-piece prom dress is a trendy and bold statement. As 2 piece prom dresses are a fairly new design, your parents may be a bit shocked when you mention it, but just wait until they see it on you. Two-piece dresses are modern and comfortable. The skirts for a two-piece prom dress are often not restricting, leaving you free to dance all night! Two-piece prom dresses are a sign of individuality and spunk. If you're considering a two-piece prom dress, keep in mind, that your prom dress should be one that you feel comfortable and gorgeous in.

Two-Piece Dress for Any Occasion

Although we've mentioned 2 piece prom dresses here, the truth is that piece gowns are suitable for many occasions! If you love two-piece dresses, consider purchasing one for events such as homecoming, winter formals, military balls, pageants, sweet 16, weddings, and other special occasions.