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As prom approaches, you might be wondering what style of dress is best for you. Mermaid prom dresses have been popular for decades, and have never gone out of style. The classic mermaid style curves your upper body and swivels out at the bottom to create a glamorous, Hollywood look.

The History of Mermaid Prom Dresses

The mermaid dress is also known as a Fishtail dress. The shape of the dress highlights feminine curves and is meant to celebrate the female form. The mermaid gown was invented in the 1930s by French designer Marcel Rochas and exploded into popularity with Hollywood actresses in the 1950s and as a wedding dress. It has become (and stayed) a prom classic as the dress exudes a feeling of Hollywood glamor. However, it's not exclusive for proms! Many women choose a mermaid dress as their choice for homecoming, winter formals, military balls, and pageants. Whatever the occasion, a mermaid dress is sure to stun and dazzle.

The Design

Mermaid formal dresses are typically strapless. However, this isn't a requirement in any way, and there are plenty of mermaid dresses that have straps or can easily be tailored to include straps.

As mermaid gowns have been around for so long, many designers have gotten creative with changing the style slightly for their unique twist on a mermaid dress. Designers may add sparkles to the trim of the dress, add cutouts to the waist, a thigh-high split, or a tail that is high-low cut so the ankles are legs are showing in the front.

Mermaid dresses look glamorous in all colors. A bright color, such as red or blue, can pop, while a neutral color such as white or black can give an air of elegance.

Celebrities that Love Mermaid Dresses

There have been countless long mermaid gowns on the red carpet throughout the years. A few celebrities who have rocked the mermaid gown are Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Sofia Vergara, and Eva Longoria. Some may argue that you need to be tall to wear a mermaid dress, but this is not the case. Eva Longoria is 5'2, and she looks stunning in mermaid gowns. If you're short, it's generally recommended wearing some heels, to elongate the dress.

How to Know if You Would Look Good in a Mermaid Dress

A mermaid prom dress is a beautiful look on any woman. Some style columns out there might try to tell you that you need to be tall and skinny to wear a mermaid dress, but we disagree. If you have the confidence to pull it off, you can wear any style of dress you want! Simply Google "Amber Riley and Lena Dunham in mermaid dress on the red carpet" to see what we mean.

If you're selecting a mermaid dress, you should make sure you feel comfortable in it and that you're okay with a tighter fitted dress. A mermaid dress hugs the upper body. If you're particularly unconfident in your upper body, you can always try to wear the mermaid dress with a pair of Spanx.

It's also recommended that you practice walking around in a mermaid gown a little bit. They are tight and restrictive, so it can make walking (especially in heels) a little tricky!

A mermaid prom dress highlights your bust and your derriere. The flared bottom also adds to the illusion of additional curves, so it will create a very sexy silhouette.

Your prom is a very special night that you're going to remember for the rest of your life. It's important that you choose prom dresses that reflect your style but also one that you feel comfortable in. They are also frequently used for homecoming dresses.

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