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Prom is a very special night in your high school experience. And, what says special occasion more than sparkles and sequins? If you're considering a sequin dress, keep reading to find out if it's the right choice for you.

A Brief History of Sequin Dresses

The word 'sequin' comes from the Arabic word sikka, which means 'coin.' People would sew small, coin-like discs onto their clothes as a symbol of wealth and status.

When King Tut's tomb was discovered in 1922, he was covered in gold discs, that can only be described as sequins. It's guessed that this was to ensure that he would be wealthy in the afterlife.

And between 1480-1482, artist Leonardo da Vinci envisioned the first sequin machine. He sketched a concept for a machine that would use levers and pulleys to punch small discs out of a metal sheet. This was essentially creating sequins.

Sequins have a long history in fashion. A sequin garment symbolizes wealth, class, and luxury.

Sequin Prom Dresses

There are many options when considering a sequin dress. A recent trend has been shades of gold for sequin dresses. You can choose the standard sequin gold prom dress or a shade of rose-gold is very popular.

If you want to go off the "typical route," you can choose a black sequin dress to stand out. Everyone expects gold sequins but black will shock and stand out!

Celebrities in Sequins

Need some inspiration? We recommend looking up Ciara and Jennifer Lopez in long sleeve sequin dresses. They show two different variations of the long sleeve dress, with Ciara in a formal, long gown and Jennifer Lopez rocking a short, long-sleeve sequin party dress.

And for those that need some plus size inspiration, check out Kelly Clarkson in a gorgeous red plus size sequin dress. Or, Adele in a long-sleeve sequin dress that hits the floor.

Wearing Sequins to Prom

Sequins feel like a celebration dress. It's a great choice for a prom dress, or as a dress for any special occasion like homecoming or a winter formal. A sparkling sequin dress is flattering on all body shapes and sizes. Just make sure that you feel comfortable in your dress, that it's representative of your style, and the color compliments your skin tone and hair color.

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Madison James 19254M Madison James 19-254M
Short Sleeved Two Piece Dress $330.00 $280.50
Sherri Hill 52515 Sherri Hill 52515
Beaded Sweetheart Neckline Open Back Slit $650.00
Tiffany Designs 16366 Tiffany Designs 16366
Halter neckline with sweetheart underlay floral sequin lace mermaid $650.00
Madison James 19253M Madison James 19-253M
High Neckline Sequin Fitted Dress $290.00 $246.50
Madison James 19202 Madison James 19-202
Fitted V-Neckline Sequin Gown $450.00 $382.50
Tiffany Designs 16365 Tiffany Designs 16365
Fully beaded sweetheart neckline with spaghetti straps $538.00
Sherri Hill 52807 Sherri Hill 52807
Beaded Gown with Plunging Neckline $650.00
Faviana S10280 Faviana S10280
Long Line Sequined Dress $378.00
Madison James 19179 Madison James 19-179
High Neckline Open Back Fitted Sequin Dress $358.00 $304.30
Madison James 19148 Madison James 19-148
Shimmering Sequin High Neckline Open Back Fitted Dress $450.00 $382.50
Tiffany Designs 16333 Tiffany Designs 16333
Classic V-Neckline Sequin Mermaid Gown $578.00
Tiffany Designs 16356 Tiffany Designs 16356
Sweetheart Neckline Mermaid With Beading $498.00
Faviana S10282 Faviana S10282
Floral Sequined Dress $398.00
Madison James 19117 Madison James 19-117
Shimmering V-Neckline Open Back Sequin Dress $398.00 $338.30
Alyce Paris 60535 Alyce Paris 60535
Off the Shoulder Sexy Shimmering Mermaid Dress $768.00 $598.00
Alyce Paris 60304 Alyce Paris 60304
Fun Sequin Dress $248.00
La Femme 27670 La Femme 27670
Sequin Sweetheart Neckline $398.00
Tiffany Designs 16331 Tiffany Designs 16331
Fully Beaded Fitted Gown with Halter Neckline $518.00
Tiffany Designs 16335 Tiffany Designs 16335
Beaded Trumpet Gown $358.00
Tiffany Designs 16344 Tiffany Designs 16344
Halter neckline with fully beaded fit and flare gown $538.00
Sherri Hill 52555 Sherri Hill 52555
Two Piece One-Shoulder Mermaid $650.00
Tiffany Designs 16369 Tiffany Designs 16369
Sweetheart A-Line with Sequins $598.00
Sherri Hill 52558 Sherri Hill 52558
Fitted Sequin Gown $698.00
Faviana S10270 Faviana S10270
Flowing And Fabulous $398.00
Sherri Hill 52452 Sherri Hill 52452
Silver Foxy Lady $480.00
Johnathan Kayne 9001 Johnathan Kayne 9001
Strapless Sweetheart Neckline Fitted Mermaid Dress $570.00
Sherri Hill 52561 Sherri Hill 52561
Sexy Fitted High Neckline Beaded Long Dress $650.00
Faviana S10243 Faviana S10243
Hollywood Glamour Fitted Mermaid Gown $438.00
La Femme 27191 La Femme 27191
Deep V Neckline Open Back High Slit Dress $438.00
Sherri Hill 52459 Sherri Hill 52459
Long Sleeve Beaded Two Piece Dress $650.00
La Femme 27020 La Femme 27020
Off the Shoulder 2 Piece High Slit Long Dress $438.00
Tiffany Designs 16359 Tiffany Designs 16359
Beaded Halter Mermaid $458.00
Madison James 19158 Madison James 19-158
Shimmering V-Neckline Open Back Long Sequin Dress $259.00 $220.15
La Femme 27234 La Femme 27234
Ruched Sequin Gown $278.00
Tiffany Designs 16326 Tiffany Designs 16326
Sequin Embellishment Mermaid Gown $478.00
Sherri Hill 52649 Sherri Hill 52649
Full Sequin with Feather Details $698.00
Morilee Prom 43004 Morilee Prom 43004
Sexy Sequin Fitted Dress $398.00
Tiffany Designs 16361 Tiffany Designs 16361
Plugging V-neckline with Fitted bodice, Truly mermaid skirt with V-back $458.00
Madison James 19105 Madison James 19-105
Shimmering Sequin Mermaid Dress $398.00 $338.30
Madison James 19173 Madison James 19-173
High Neckline And Ready Carpet Ready $290.00 $246.50
Faviana S10281 Faviana S10281
Cut Out Open Back Dress $398.00

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