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Morilee Prom 43132
High Neckline Jersey Knit Open Back Gown $358.00
Madison James 19106
High Neckline Beaded Top 2 Piece Dress $398.00 $338.30
Alyce Paris 3871
Luxe Silk Satin with Sweetheart Neckline and Corset Back $178.00
Alyce Paris 3893
Strapless sweetheart neckline short a line jacquard $178.00
Sherri Hill 52753
Strapless Satin Mermaid $450.00
Sherri Hill 52556
Fitted Off-The-Shoulder with Removable Skirt $850.00
La Femme 28229
Strapless sweetheart neckline short fitted sequin $178.00
Jovani 60283
Oh So Sexy Lace Tulle Dress $590.00
Madison James 19254M
Short Sleeved Two Piece Dress $330.00 $280.50
Sherri Hill 52560
Metallic Lace Mermaid $598.00
Madison James 19167
$399.00 $339.15
La Femme 27528
Lace Bodice with Open Back $450.00
Alyce Paris 60450
Satin Chiffon V Neckline Open Back with Slit $278.00 $248.00
Alyce Paris 27025
V neckline low back sleeves fitted lace $348.00 $298.00
La Femme 27227
Sweetheart Neckline Satin Flowing Dress $398.00
Madison James 19119
High Neckline Key Hole Back Tulle Ball Gown Dress $470.00 $399.50
Madison James 19102
Off the Shoulder Satin Ball Gown $330.00
Tiffany Designs 16351
Beaded Mermaid With Layered Tulle $518.00
Sherri Hill 53131
Halter neckline low cut sides long beaded gown with slit $650.00
Madison James 19196
Classy and Elegant Halter A-Line Satin and Tulle Gown $278.00 $236.30
Panoply 14966
Beaded Fitted Gown with Tulle Overskirt $658.00
Jovani 63652
Sexy V-Neckline Halter Top High Slit Ball Gown $500.00
Alyce Paris 27289
Cap Sleeve Open Back Lace/Tulle Fitted Gown $398.00
Sherri Hill 52769
Satin A-line sweetheart off-the-shoulder gown $518.00
Jovani 66212
Off The Shoulder Form Fitting $550.00
Faviana 9463
V-Neckline Lace Bodice Fitted Jersey Dress $398.00
La Femme 27752
The Best Off The Shoulder Dress $398.00
Studio 17 12727
Off The Shoulder Fitted Gown $284.00
Alyce Paris 60329
High Neck 2 Piece A Line Gown $338.00 $248.00
Madison James 19156
Velvet V-Neckline Open Back Simple Dress $318.00 $270.30
Alyce Paris 4123
Halter neckline open back two piece fitted beaded jersey $278.00 $98.00
Alyce Paris 4102
Off the shoulder high low luxe jersey $148.00
Madison James 19169
High Neckline Lace Sleeved Two Piece Ball Gown $399.00 $339.15
La Femme 27653
Stretch Satin with V-Neckline $398.00
La Femme 27758
Fitted Stretch Satin with Open Back $378.00
Sherri Hill 52469
Off-The-Shoulder Taffeta A-Line $398.00
Alyce Paris 60550
Deep V-Neckline Open Back Fitted Shimmering Mermaid Dress $398.00
Madison James 19198
Corset Back Two Piece Ball Gown with Pockets $378.00 $321.30
Faviana 9470
Jacquard Fabric Mermaid Gown $378.00
Madison James 19253M
High Neckline Sequin Fitted Dress $290.00 $246.50
Alyce Paris 60512
High Neckline Layered Tulle 2 Piece $438.00 $128.00
Sherri Hill 52936
One Shoulder Fitted High Slit Gown $450.00

Your prom night is going to be a night you remember for the rest of your life. And, you want to remember that night feeling glamorous and special. Red dresses are a classic and one of the most popular colors chosen for prom. Keep reading to find out what makes red prom dresses so extraordinary.

The History of the Red Dress

World leaders throughout history have worn red clothing to symbolize their power. A perfect example of this is a portrait of Princess Elizabeth I before she took the crown as Queen. She wears a richly decorated red gown and red cap, sending a powerful message of her political and moral strength, right before she took her position as a powerful monarch.

The Red Dress Effect

There is a phenomenon known as 'the red dress effect.' Studies have shown men rate women more attractive and sexy when they're wearing red. The phenomenon is thought to imply that humans have been conditioned to associate red with fertility.

What the Color Red Symbolizes

Red is the color of blood and fire, so it is commonly associated with war, strength, energy, power, determination, love, desire, and passion. Red is a highly visible color and often generates a reaction from people, which is why firetrucks and stop signs are red.

Light red is said to represent sexuality, sensitivity, passion, joy, and love. And dark red is associated with leadership, courage longing, and vigor.

Celebrities that Love Red

Celebrities love to wear red dresses on the red carpet. Some red gowns that stand out to us have been worn by Bella Hadid, Rita Ora, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, and Aidy Bryant.

When to Wear Red

Red dresses can be classic and elegant, or they can be sexy and eye-catching. Additionally, red gowns compliment every skin tone and hair color. If you are considering a red prom dress, ensure you choose the shade of red that works best with your skin tone and hair color. You should go with a bright red if you have a warm skin tone and a darker red (such as burgundy or maroon) if you have a cool skin tone. Most importantly, look for a shade of red that contrasts your hair color. Hold up the red prom gown to your skin and hair color to make sure the shade of red you're considering compliments you.

Red Prom Dresses

A red prom dress is an excellent way to make your prom special. Burgundy prom dresses capture the attention of the room, make you feel sexy, and help you to stand out. If you select a red prom dress, it can be powerful on its own, or you can accessorize it with gold or silver jewelry and shoes. There may be others who choose to wear a red dress to prom, so make your dress more unique with details such as lace embellishments or long sleeves.

Above all else, make sure you should choose a prom dress that you feel comfortable and pretty in.

Red Dresses Work for All Occasions

Red dresses aren't exclusive to prom. A red cocktail dress or a red formal dress can be a great choice for many special occasions, such as choosing a red homecoming dress. Choose a red gown for homecoming, winter formals, military balls, pageants, sweet 16, and other significant occasions.

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