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Proms, short for promenade, originally started in the 19th century as an event for university graduates. However, teenage culture soon took over prom, and by the 1940s, the tradition had moved into high schools around the nation.

It can't be denied prom is a magical night for any young lady. And, when people think about prom, they think about the prom dresses. Purple prom dresses have been a classic choice throughout the years and still continues to be a top choice at every prom. Keep reading to find out more about purple, and if a purple prom dress is the right choice for you.

The Color Psychology of Purple

The color purple is rare to find in nature and so it's often identified as sacred and special. Purple is frequently associated with royalty, luxury, nobility, power, and ambition. The color is also connected with magic, wealth, dignity, grandeur, and extravagance. Individuals who love purple are often creative, prideful, smart, and independent.

Purple Gowns on the Big Screen

There have been countless, outstanding purple gowns on the big screen. Purple is a vibrant color that pops, so it's frequently chosen for actresses. Some of the most popular purple formal dresses we can think of include Eva Green wearing an eggplant dress in Casino Royale and Katie Homles wearing a vibrant violet dress in The First Daughter.

Celebrities that Love Purple

Purple gowns aren't exclusive to the big screen. Celebrities often choose purple for their gorgeous gowns on the red carpet. Some of the celebrities that have rocked amazing purple dresses on the red carpet include Mila Kunis is a beautiful shade of lavender, Kendall Jenner in a two-piece lilac dress, along with Nicole Scherzinger, Salma Hayek, and Megan Fox.

Choosing Purple

When choosing the right shade of purple for yourself, make sure to consider your skin tone. The most complimentary colors to your skin tone are opposites. So, if you have darker skin tones you will want to look for warmer colors to wear. Purple in any shade, from light and bright to eggplant to royal purple, look great on darker complexions. Darker skin tones and darker hair colors will match best with any shade of purple. Although many royal blue prom dresses are close to this hue, they are all located in the blue section.

Purple Formal Gowns

You can ensure the shade of purple you choose is complementary to your skin tone and hair color by trying the dress on and standing in different types of lighting. Testing out different types of lighting allows you to make sure you're not 'washed out' by the color.

Choosing a lavender prom dress will have an impact. You will be bright, powerful, and capture the attention of everyone in the room. Purple can be made to be simple and elegant with a light lilac or lavender shade, or you can choose to be more dramatic with a deep purple.

Purple typically pairs very well with silver and white gold jewelry. Or, if you don't want to wear jewelry, you can choose a purple gown with embellishments around the neckline or on the dress.

No matter what type of prom dress you choose, the most important aspect is that you feel comfortable and beautiful in the dress.

For All Occasions

Of course, purple gowns aren't just for prom. A purple formal dress is a beautiful choice for any special occasion including homecoming, winter formals, military balls, pageants, or a sweet 16.

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