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The 2019 trends are leaning more towards long sleeve prom dresses. We like it because these can be both sexy and modest at the same time. If you want strapless but a little bit of coverage, cap sleeves may be for you. But for the record, the vast majority of prom dresses are strapless.

  • Sleeveless

    Bare those shoulders!

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    Small straps to medium coverage both on and off the shoulder.

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    3/4 and full long sleeve gowns; check out the new one-sleeves too!

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Two Piece Prom Dresses

All Floral Everything

    2019 Sherri Hill floral dress

    It will probably be evident as you are prom shopping this year, but floral is lit. Every designer has a chunk of their collection dedicated to floral prom dresses.

    Start your search with the queen of floral, Sherri Hill prom dresses. Pretty much every color is represented, but we are fans of the red/black combos and pretty much every short dress. La Femme's florals has a bunch of a-line, mermaid, and two-piece gowns. And the Ellie Wilde floral collection features prom styles with straps, off the shoulder stunners, and even some with pockets!

    Either you love florals, or you hate them. If you are in love, enjoy browsing. If not, move on!

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Body Type Help

This section is a little lengthy because it talks about choosing a gown based on your body type. We suggest you just scroll to the section that best describes you!


As a petite girl, less is usually more. Try to stay away from overly bold prints or patterns as these will overshadow your figure. Slimmer fitting dresses and body-hugging silhouettes work best for the petite girl. Don't shy away from the A-line or trumpet skirt, but the ballgown is not your best option. Halter tops with a v-neckline elongate the upper torso and empire waist skirts elongate the leg. Details on the bust line also lengthen the top part of your body and draw the eye up. Vertical stripes and patterns are also great as they create length to the entire body. As a petite girl you can never pass up a fabulous pair of heels and platforms are your best friend! Just be sure your dress is hemmed to the proper length, a dress that is too long will swallow your petite frame. The petite body shape is only referring to your height, so it's essential for a small girl to determine what your second body shape is. Refer to our other body shape categories such as narrow, curvy or busty for more tips on how to choose the perfect dress to flatter your figure. Vanessa Hudgens is the ideal celebrity fashion role model for the petite body shape.


Opposite of the busty body shape is the hippie, or pear, shaped girl. Bright colors or prints are best on top, and solid, dark colors are best on the bottom. The pear body shape has a fabulous waist, so be sure to accentuate this with belts and dresses that are fitted at the natural waistline. The key to dressing the pear body shape is to draw attention to your upper body and deemphasize your lower body. Do this by adding embellishments or beading at the top and bright colors or prints at the bust. Strapless dresses work great on you but choose one with more volume at the top such as pleats or ruffles. A-line silhouettes or dresses with a straight skirt work well on the pear shape. Just try to keep the skirt portion of your dress solid or dark in color to create the most balanced look between top and bottom. Chunky necklaces and earrings are your friends so feel free to accessorize and glam it up on top! The more sparkle, the better!!! Kim Kardashian is the perfect celebrity fashion role model for the pear body shape.


The key to dress success for the busty body shape is to create the illusion of a balanced hourglass figure while still showing off that fabulous waistline! Dark, solid colors on top will be the best choice for this body shape. Adding volume to your lower body will create the most curvaceous effect that everyone will be jealous! Full skirts are your friend! Choose dresses that accentuate your natural waist and do not accentuate your top. Try to avoid dresses with embellishments or beading at the neckline and bust. Empire waists and straight skirts will not show off your best assets or your waistline. Have fun with your shape and add color and prints to the skirt. The busty silhouette looks fantastic in the princess ballgown, so feel free to show off your inner diva and go all out! Choose dresses that have a fitted band or belt at your natural waist to achieve the most balanced curves. Dress types that will flatter the busty body shape the best are mermaid, ballgown or trumpet style silhouettes. Just remember dark and solid on top, fitted at the waist and volume and color on the bottom. Scarlett Johansson is the perfect celebrity fashion role model for the busty body type.


The curvy body shape is the one we are all jealous of! This shape shows off perfectly proportioned bust and hips with a well-defined waistline, also known as the hourglass figure. So, if you got it to flaunt it and girl the curvy body shape has it! The key to the hourglass figure is to keep the balance between your upper and lower body. Wear colors and prints or equal brightness on top and bottom, while adding darker colors at the midsection to accentuate that fabulous waist. You can definitely wear form fitted dresses, so if you are comfortable go on with that jersey knit. When choosing the perfect dress, choose one with balance. If it's fitted on top, then it should be fitted on the bottom. If there is volume on the top, then there should be volume on the bottom. Stay away from dresses that have no shape or that have empire waists. You have many options on dress style as an hourglass body shape, but the most important thing to remember is to choose one that is fitted at your natural waistline. Tyra Banks if the perfect celebrity fashion role model for the hourglass body shape.


With the narrow body shape, you can add volume! But, it is also essential to keep the balance with this body shape. Your bust and hips are equal in proportion, but there is not a defined waistline on the narrow body shape, so you have to give the illusion of a waist. The narrow, or straight, body shape can wear almost any silhouette as long as there is a balance between the top and bottom. Volume works in your favor, so adding ruffles and pleating at the bust line will look fabulous. Working that volume on top with a trumpet or mermaid skirt on the bottom will give you a winning look. Belts and beading at the waistline are ideal. If you find that perfect dress and it doesn't have any embellishments at the waist, you can quickly add a satin or beaded belt to create your unique look and flatter your straight body shape perfectly. You also have the luxury of wearing form-fitted silhouettes, so feel free to show off your balanced curves with the accent at the waist to compliment your figure. Giselle (or pretty much any supermodel) is the perfect celebrity fashion role model for the narrow body shape.


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