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We've seen a lot of progress with the acceptance and attitude towards plus size women in recent years. Curves are in and that means that there are fashionable, cute options for plus size dresses for women. If you are a young lady and need a plus size prom dress, there are many options out there. There are options now for women of all ages. Many plus size moms now have no trouble finding a beautiful mother of the bride dress in larger sizes. Plus size no longer means limited selections.

Inspiration for Plus Size Prom Dresses

Just a few years back, it was very difficult for plus size celebrities to find designers to dress them. Simply put, designers used to just not make plus size formal dresses. Many stars spoke out about the issue. For example, Melissa McCarthy said she couldn't find anyone to dress her for the 2012 Oscars.

Thankfully, a lot has changed since then. Not only do designers dress plus size women, but plus size dresses are taking center stage at big events.

For some great plus size formal dress inspiration, you can always turn to the red carpet. Check out Adele's sparkly black evening gown at the 2012 Grammys, Iskra Lawrence's white gown at the 2018 Cannes festival, or Ashley Graham's sexy red plunging gown at the 2016 Oscars.

Plus Size Prom Dreses

If you are a plus size girl, you don't have to feel limited in your search for a prom dress. Plus size prom dresses now come in all styles and varieties. You can choose to rock a cocktail dress, a ball gown, a sexy formfitting dress, or can even choose from formal jumpsuits.

Remember to choose a prom dress that reflects your personality and style. Never feel that you have to cover up or that you have to settle for a different type of prom dress because you are plus size.

Choose A Style that Showcases Your Best Features

This advice isn't exclusive to plus size women. When choosing your prom dress, always consider the aspects of your body that you love most. It's strongly recommended you consider choosing a dress that highlights those features. If you love your legs, select a dress with a thigh-high slit or a cocktail dress. If you love your arms, consider an off the shoulder dress that draws attention to the arms and shoulders. And, if you love your booty or your chest, don't be shy about showing off those assets!

Creating curves is the key for the round body shape. A monochromatic (or solid) color palette usually works best for plus size prom dresses, and curves can be created with splashes of bold color. Choose brightly colored earring, shoes, belts or necklaces to accessorize your evening look. The most important thing to keep in mind is to dress the top and bottom of your figure proportionately while creating a waist. The best prom dresses to choose are those with an A-line silhouette. The design is one that is more fitted at the hips and gradually flares out to a fuller skirt, giving your shape proportion between the middle and lower portion of your frame. Plus size formal gowns with belted waists, such as dark-colored ruching around the waistline will be ideal for this body type. Embellishments or beading at the bodice of the dress around the neckline or bust will draw attention up and take away from the waist. Off the shoulder cheap prom dresses also work very well as they set up the look of adding volume up top without actually doing so! The combination of the A-line silhouette and embellishments on the upper torso create the proportionate figure that every girl is seeking. As a plus size expert myself, I advise you to stay away from fabrics that are too clingy. Queen Latifah is the perfect celebrity fashion role model for these types of sexy plus size dresses.

As they say, if you got it, flaunt it! The beauty of plus size prom dresses is unlike that of any other. They are the type of woman who has natural curves and assets that turn heads as soon as they walk into the room. So, you've got the curves; now you need the perfect dress to show them off! A red prom dress would be a great example of "all eyes on me."

When choosing the perfect formal dress for your body shape, you need to keep where you are most 'blessed' in mind. If you have a bigger bust, aim for an empire waistline chiffon dress, strapless or strapped. If your hips don't lie, shoot for a slim-fitting jersey dress to show off your hourglass shape. If your booty is your best asset, accentuate it with a slimming mermaid prom dress. Solid colors work best for plus size prom dresses, while busy patterns may take away from the overall aesthetic. A fully sequined dress will accentuate the plus size figure, and also leave you feeling fabulous! Plus size mother of the bride dresses can also be also be found in this gallery.

Whether you want a slim-fitting gown, a fully sequined show-stopper, or a modest and romantic chiffon number, you will surely find the perfect gown for your curvy shape in our plus size prom dress selection!

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