Pink Formal Dresses

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Everyday we see the color pink. Whether we see it in a bouquet of flowers, in a tube of lipstick, on a pair of patent leather pumps, or driving by you on the street, you see pink everyday of your life. Pink is also a popular color in formal wear.

Depending on the shade of pink, you can really show off your personality with pink dresses. Whether you're on the hunt for pink prom dresses, pink plus size dresses, cheap pink dresses, or light pink homecoming dresses, Genealogy has the perfect variety of pretty evening gowns right here online, or in store. Choose a cute blush gown to show off your innocent side or choose a sexy prom dress in fuchsia to let everyone know that you are ready to party. Think PINK and choose the shade that best suits you!

There are many variations of this color that include but are not limited to blush, rose, salmon, orchid, fuchsia, and hot pink. The paler variations of pink such as blush are softer tones which may wash you out if you have a lighter skin tone, whereas the darker tones are flattering on just about everyone. If you came here for a rose gold prom dress, they are mostly on the Gold page.

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