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Beauty pageants are popular competitions that judge contestants based on their physical attributes and, often, their answers to hot-topic questions. Some of the most prestigious pageants are Miss Teen USA, Miss America, Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Universe, and Miss USA.

As a big portion of pageants are the physical attributes of contestants, the right pageant dress can be the difference between winning or losing the competition. Often, the time to astound in the competition is when you come out in your formal pageant gown. Pageant dresses should be purchased keeping in mind colors and styles that work best with the contestant's complexion and coloring. Note that pageant dresses for teens may want to be more conservative as the competition is for young adults.

Beauty Pageant Dresses: Winning Colors

There are a lot of superstitions in beauty pageants, and one of the most popular ones is which color of dress wins the most. White is said to be one of the most popular pageant dress choices, and the data doesn't lie, this dress is a winner! Going back to 2008, a white gown has been worn by the Miss America winner six times, the Miss International winner five times, and the Miss Teen USA and Miss USA winners four times each.

White dresses are elegant and give the impression of purity. While white is a solid choice, you should only choose this color if it pairs well with your skin and your hair color. A more logical explanation as to why so many contestants have won wearing white is simply that white is a flattering color on nearly all skin tones and hair colors.

Beauty Pageant Dresses: Winning Dress Styles

While there are many aspects of pageants that adhere to traditions, your dress style absolutely shouldn't! A common theme with the winners of pageant competitions is that they chose dresses that were following current trends. Pageant dress styles change frequently and a savvy competitor will keep up.

In the late 2000s, pageant dresses were often form-fitting and strapless or with spaghetti straps. More recently, modern pageant gowns have less of a form-fitting shape. Winner of Miss Teen USA 2019, Kaleigh Garris, wore a beautiful A-Line gown when she won. And Miss Nebraska won Miss USA 2018 with a black ball gown. Both gowns were beautiful and not overly form-fitting. Try an elegant long floral prom dress, or a sassy two-piece yellow prom dress look to stand out above the competition.

Finding Your Winning Pageant Dress

When it comes to finding the perfect pageant dress that will help you win the competition, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Try the dress on and make sure the color doesn't clash with your skin tones or hair color.

  • Ensure the dress is flattering on your figure and highlights your body's best features.

  • Make sure to research current trends in dress styles, and what types of dresses the winners won in your specific competition over the last few years.

  • Choose a dress you're comfortable in. You want to radiate confidence and elegance on stage, and a dress that makes you feel uncomfortable can seep into your presence on stage.

  • Find a dress within your budget. Remember that this is likely one of many competitions you're going to enter in the near future.

  • Keep your age division in mind. When shopping for pageant dresses for teens, you won't want to show too much skin.