Nude Formal Dresses

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Throughout the past few years the color nude has taken the fashion world by storm. You've probably seen your favorite bloggers or celebrities sporting this subtle color on their bodycon silhouettes or their suede midi dresses. Everyday you can see nude nail polish, pumps, tops, jackets, and purses. Neutral colors are a fashion staple because they make it easier to make a fashion statement without the effort. The nude color is an all-season color and can be paired with just about any color accessories. Variations of the color include but are not limited to soft pinks, pale browns, and yellow tones. If you are looking for a light pink prom dress, please note that they are in the "Pink" section on the website.

Nude has taken a different route recently by making appearances on prom dresses. The nude prom dresses have flipped the formal wear world upside down! Different variations of dresses include nude with rhinestones, with pops of vibrant colors, combined with lace or florals, darker nude on lighter nude, nude tulle, and the list goes on and on! This color looks great on almost anyone, but depending on your skin tone you may want to go lighter or darker because this color is capable of washing you out. What styles of nude prom dresses will work best for you?

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