Military Ball Dresses

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Military balls are a time to honor those who serve and to represent our country, so you might not know what to wear to a military ball but we've got the answer! For this occasion steer towards simple, classy, and elegant formal dresses. Military ball gowns are usually floor length gowns with minimal beading and a modest silhouette. Since these are professional gatherings, dresses that are extremely revealing or low cut are usually not included in the preferred attire. A good place to start would be a color like black prom dresses. Military ball dresses are usually within a modest dress code because this is the time to honor service members. Finish off your evening dress with simple accessories and a classic hairstyle for a timeless look. Whether you are an army wife searching for your husband's event, or it's your first ROTC ball, we have the dress for you. Browse through Genealogy Boutique for a fabulous selection of gowns including plus size, and gowns with cheap price tags!

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