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At least once a year, every military branch hosts a formal military ball which spouses and partners can attend. This an exciting moment for military communities to get together and for partners to spend some quality time with each other. Military balls range in customs for each branch, but most are formal, and women often get their hair done and wear elegant jewelry and gowns.

Some Rules for Military Ball Gowns

There are some general tips to keep in mind when choosing a military ball gown. In a military ball, the service members will be wearing blue or class A uniforms while all the guests wear formal attire. Male guests typically wear tuxedos or dark suits with a bow tie. Women wear knee to floor-length gowns. Cocktail dresses are generally avoided as well as showing too much skin. It's traditional for women to choose military ball dresses that are dark or neutral in color (black, navy blue, white, etc.) but we see nothing wrong with a pop of color! For navy blue and royal prom dresses, look at the "blue" section on our website.

After dinner, a dance floor will open up, so it's best to choose a dress that is comfortable to dance in.

Different Types of Military Ball Dresses

There are five main types of gowns that all formal dresses come in. Depending on your body shape, and your preferences, you can choose a military ball gown in one of these styles.


An A-line gown is very flattering on all body shapes. A-line gowns have a fitted bodice until the waist, at which point the dress flows out to the ground in an A-Line. It is similar to a ball gown, but instead of puffing out the skirt at the waist, the dress drops straight down. When it comes to choosing military ball gowns, you can't go wrong with an A-line dress.

Ball Gown

A classic ball gown is what comes to mind when most people think formal wear. From Cinderella to the Met Gala, ball gowns are a classic choice that never goes out of style. Ball gowns are typically a fitted bodice, which flairs at the waist, with a floor touching skirt that poofs. Ball gowns are complimentary on all body shapes and a great choice as a military ball dress.

Empire Waist

Empire waists are a very popular choice for military ball gowns. The waist starts very high up, around the chest, so the gown completely hides your stomach. Empire waist gowns are very popular with diamond and pear-shaped women, as well as tall women.


Mermaid gowns are very popular for weddings and formal occasions such as military balls. The mermaid gown is fitted around the body, with a full skirt or trail starting at the knee or calves. This style emphasizes the curvature of the back and hips and is an excellent style choice as a military ball gown for hourglass and pear-shaped women.


Trumpet gowns are fitted throughout the body and then flare at the thighs to create a large skirt. This is a great option for women with small waists or strawberry shaped women. Trumpet gowns are a classic option as a military ball dress that is always sure to stun the crowd.

How to Choose a Military Ball Gown

In the end, you will want to choose a military ball gown that you're comfortable in and feel gorgeous in. This is a special moment to spend time and celebrate with your military partner so you'll want to make sure you feel your best.

And, don't forget, that you can reuse the dress you purchase for the military ball for another occasion. Military ball dresses are also appropriate for a prom, homecoming, winter formals, pageants, sweet 16, and other special occasions.

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Faviana 9463 Faviana 9463
V-Neckline Lace Bodice Fitted Jersey Dress $398.00
Faviana 9457 Faviana 9457
Off the Shoulder High Slit Metallic Stretch Jersey Dress $338.00
Tiffany Designs 16357 Tiffany Designs 16357
Beaded Strapless Sweetheart $378.00
Alyce Paris 60352 Alyce Paris 60352
Strapless Sweetheart Neckline Beaded Bodice Chiffon Gown $378.00 $298.00
Faviana S10216 Faviana S10216
Falling For You Metallic $298.00
Faviana S10229 Faviana S10229
Oh So Pretty In Tulle $398.00
Alyce Paris 60293 Alyce Paris 60293
Mermaid Sweetheart Neckline Jersey $198.00 $168.00
Faviana S10287 Faviana S10287
Classy Yet Sassy Fitted Gown $298.00
Faviana S10275 Faviana S10275
Sexy Deep Neckline Fitted Gown $358.00
Alyce Paris 60292 Alyce Paris 60292
Textured Jersey V-Neck $188.00
Faviana S10270 Faviana S10270
Flowing And Fabulous $398.00
Faviana 9470 Faviana 9470
Jacquard Fabric Mermaid Gown $378.00
Faviana 9466 Faviana 9466
V-Neckline Open Back Satin Long Flowing Dress $398.00
Faviana S10213 Faviana S10213
Sweet But Oh So Sassy $358.00
Alyce Paris 60342 Alyce Paris 60342
Brocade A-Line Gown $368.00 $148.00
Alyce Paris 60311 Alyce Paris 60311
Fit and Flare Luxe Silk Satin Gown $268.00 $108.00
Alyce Paris 60329 Alyce Paris 60329
High Neck 2 Piece A Line Gown $338.00 $248.00
Faviana S10256 Faviana S10256
Oh So Sexy A-List $298.00
Faviana 10204 Faviana 10204
Ever So Classic Fitted Gown $358.00
Sherri Hill 52544 Sherri Hill 52544
Strapless Mikado Mermaid with Embroidered Detail $450.00
Faviana 9454 Faviana 9454
V-Neckline Halter Top Fitted Luxe Jersey Mermaid Dress $398.00
Faviana S10205 Faviana S10205
Criss Cross Fit and Flare $298.00
Alyce Paris 60459 Alyce Paris 60459
Halter with High Slit $258.00
Faviana S10238 Faviana S10238
Don't Burst My Polka Dot $358.00
Alyce Paris 60504 Alyce Paris 60504
Mikado Embroidered floral top with plunging neckline $298.00
Tiffany Designs 16358 Tiffany Designs 16358
Off-The-Shoulder A-Line $358.00
Faviana S10281 Faviana S10281
Cut Out Open Back Dress $398.00
Faviana 10105 Faviana 10105
Jersey Mermaid Gown with Plunging Neckline $298.00
Sherri Hill 51995 Sherri Hill 51995
Fitted Lace Sleeveless Long Gown $698.00
La Femme 24293 La Femme 24293
Halter Lace High Slit Open Back Dress $350.00
La Femme 23683 La Femme 23683
Bronzed Beaded Open Back Dress $338.00
La Femme 24150 La Femme 24150
Simple Satin Dress with Cut-Outs and Open Back $298.00
La Femme 24271 La Femme 24271
Halter Top Open Back Mermaid Lace Dress $438.00
La Femme 24167 La Femme 24167
Floor-Length Dress with Sequins $398.00
La Femme 23886 La Femme 23886
Open Back Jersey Dress $318.00
La Femme 23783 La Femme 23783
Stretchy Shimmer Fitted Jersey Long Dress $298.00
Faviana 7959 Faviana 7959
Simple Jersey Kit Dress with Open Back $338.00
La Femme 22964 La Femme 22964
Lace A-Line Gown With Horse Hair Trim $450.00
La Femme 23834 La Femme 23834
Strapless Shimmer Stretchy Jersey Dress $298.00
La Femme 24517 La Femme 24517
Strapless Sweetheart with Beading and Layered Tulle Skirt $498.00
La Femme 24740 La Femme 24740
Lace Open Back dress $438.00

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