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Prom is, by every definition, a special event in any young woman's life. It's most common to see girls choose long prom dresses for their prom. That is because long dresses have always been associated with formal events. Long formal dresses give an impression of elegance and maturity. Which is exactly why every Hollywood event is filled with beautiful wearing beautiful, long gowns!

Types of Long Gowns

If you're considering a long prom dress, the good news is there is a wide range of styles to choose from! Long dresses can be ball gowns, A-Line, or even form-fitting from head-to-toe.

Choosing a Long Prom Dress

A long prom dress is always an appropriate choice. Long dresses are often very impactful. They are full, flowy, and not something you wear every day. Many women will choose a long black dress for a dramatic effect. Similarly, long white dresses are quite powerful and can make you look like a princess. Check out the Madison James prom gowns section for some stellar examples!

Another option to consider is long sleeve prom dresses. A long sleeve long dress gives elongates the arms and the entire body. Long sleeves can have a slimming effect and are an ideal choice for someone who prefers to hide their arms. And don't feel that wearing a prom dress with a long sleeve means you'll be completely covered up! If you're choosing a long sleeve dress, you can choose a clingy dress to show off your body, or choose a dress with cut-outs.

We recommend you check out the lace white mermaid dress with an open back that Beyonce wore to the Grammys in 2017. It's a perfect example of her being completely covered in fabric but still very sexy.

It's All in the Details

If you choose a long prom dress, don't forget to accessorize well! Your shoes will likely be covered all night so you can focus on wearing accent jewelry and a beautiful clutch.

Consider wearing your hair up if you choose a long prom dress. An up-do adds to the elegance of a long, flowing gown.

Long Gowns for Any Size

Long prom dresses look fantastic on women of any shape or size. Remember that we are one of the best prom dress websites to find a long gown that you feel comfortable in and that you feel compliments your best features.

Not Just for Prom

Long dresses are astounding because it's not something you can wear on a day-to-day basis. However, you can wear long dresses for many events other than prom. And, anyone, at any age, can wear a long gown! Many moms will choose a long gown as their mother of the bride dress. As well, women love to wear long dresses to winter formals, pageants, homecoming, military balls, sweet 16 celebrations, and other special occasions.