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The University of Georgia is the first state-chartered University in America! The University of Georgia started in 1785, but didn't actually become established until 1801. The University of Georgia athletics are proud to be the Bulldogs! The mascot has been generations of Bulldogs named "Uga" and have most recently had the newest Uga VIII fall ill and fans are still waiting on the new Uga to take reins! The University of Georgia's Sanford Stadium is located in the beautiful town of Athens, Georgia. Georgia's Sanford Stadium is filled with screaming fans all wearing the signature red and black! Red is known as a power color and Georgia's team makes their presence known in their striking uniforms! The sorority girls of University of Georgia always dress up to attend the football games. You are guaranteed to see Little Black Cocktail dresses at any given Georgia home game! The UGA ladies make sure to support their Dawgs in the best dresses possible! Between the Hedges of Georgia's Stadium you will hear the roar of the crowd chanting "Glory, Glory!" Don't think any Georgia lady is going to let you out dress her for the games, UGA ladies are always stopping by Genealogy to grab the newest in gameday apparel! The University of Georgia has so many different slogans for their fans to chant during the games, but our favorite is " How 'bout them Dawgs?" We love to see the Bulldogs tear into another team and bring home the victory!