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We've seen a lot of progress with the acceptance and attitude towards plus size women in recent years. Curves are in and that means that there are fashionable, cute options for plus size dresses for women. If you are a young lady and need a plus size prom dress, there are many options out there. There are options now for women of all ages. Many plus size moms now have no trouble finding a beautiful mother of the bride dress in larger sizes. Plus size no longer means limited selections.

Inspiration for Plus Size Prom Dresses

Just a few years back, it was very difficult for plus size celebrities to find designers to dress them. Simply put, designers used to just not make plus size formal dresses. Many stars spoke out about the issue. For example, Melissa McCarthy said she couldn't find anyone to dress her for the 2012 Oscars.

Thankfully, a lot has changed since then. Not only do designers dress plus size women, but plus size dresses are taking center stage at big events.

For some great plus size formal dress inspiration, you can always turn to the red carpet. Check out Adele's sparkly black evening gown at the 2012 Grammys, Iskra Lawrence's white gown at the 2018 Cannes festival, or Ashley Graham's sexy red plunging gown at the 2016 Oscars.

Plus Size Prom Dreses

If you are a plus size girl, you don't have to feel limited in your search for a prom dress. Plus size prom dresses now come in all styles and varieties. You can choose to rock a cocktail dress, a ball gown, a sexy formfitting dress, or can even choose from formal jumpsuits.

Remember to choose a prom dress that reflects your personality and style. Never feel that you have to cover up or that you have to settle for a different type of prom dress because you are plus size.

Choose A Style that Showcases Your Best Features

This advice isn't exclusive to plus size women. When choosing your prom dress, always consider the aspects of your body that you love most. It's strongly recommended you consider choosing a dress that highlights those features. If you love your legs, select a dress with a thigh-high slit or a cocktail dress. If you love your arms, consider an off the shoulder dress that draws attention to the arms and shoulders. And, if you love your booty or your chest, don't be shy about showing off those assets!

Invited to a formal affair? Need a black-tie gown or evening wear for a night wedding, or competing in a Pageant? Genealogy Boutique is your exclusive shop for evening gowns ranging in all prices and sizes. Any special event that requires fancy attire, we offer a variety of options from cocktail dresses to long evening gowns. Our collection consists of unique designs including long sleeve formal dresses and lace embroidery short dresses.

Without breaking the bank, some designers like Decode, B'Dazzle by Alyce, and Madison James make cheap formal options without losing the luxury of a sexy designer gown. Other designers like Sherri Hill, Johnathan Kayne, Faviana, and Alyce also make affordable options that carry sizes ranging from extra small to plus size evening wear. Petite silhouettes are also catered to with this collection of gowns. Most gowns are able to be hemmed to be the perfect length for any height.

The beauty of formal wear is that they are available in such remarkable color selections like black, gold, and red evening dresses as well as unique fuchsias and deep wines. White is a perfect choice for evening wear in competitions along with proms and military ball formals. Evening wear in pageants is such an important category, where every queen needs to feel beautiful and confident. Sorority functions call for formal nights and we have your every need! We have multiple choices to help you pick your favorite from a floral evening gown, to plain and simple. Make sure to shoot us a quick email if you have any questions or concerns regarding evening gowns. Happy online shopping!

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Faviana 9463 Faviana 9463
V-Neckline Lace Bodice Fitted Jersey Dress $398.00
Faviana 9457 Faviana 9457
Off the Shoulder High Slit Metallic Stretch Jersey Dress $338.00
Faviana S10242E Faviana S10242E
V-Neckline Fitted Mermaid Gown $418.00
Tiffany Designs 16357 Tiffany Designs 16357
Beaded Strapless Sweetheart $378.00
Alyce Paris 60352 Alyce Paris 60352
Strapless Sweetheart Neckline Beaded Bodice Chiffon Gown $378.00 $298.00
Faviana S10218 Faviana S10218
Let's Do The Criss-Cross $298.00
Faviana S10216 Faviana S10216
Falling For You Metallic $298.00
Faviana S10207 Faviana S10207
Halter With Sexy Keyhole Top $298.00
Faviana S10229 Faviana S10229
Oh So Pretty In Tulle $398.00
Alyce Paris 60293 Alyce Paris 60293
Mermaid Sweetheart Neckline Jersey $198.00 $168.00
Faviana S10287 Faviana S10287
Classy Yet Sassy Fitted Gown $298.00
Faviana S10275 Faviana S10275
Sexy Deep Neckline Fitted Gown $358.00
Alyce Paris 60292 Alyce Paris 60292
Textured Jersey V-Neck $188.00
Faviana 10248 Faviana 10248
Just Have To Have This Halter $318.00
Faviana 9470 Faviana 9470
Jacquard Fabric Mermaid Gown $378.00
Faviana S10284 Faviana S10284
Halter Sweetheart Neckline Dress $278.00
Faviana 10260 Faviana 10260
High Halter With Beaded Belt $398.00
Faviana 9466 Faviana 9466
V-Neckline Open Back Satin Long Flowing Dress $398.00
Faviana S10213 Faviana S10213
Sweet But Oh So Sassy $358.00
Faviana 9462 Faviana 9462
V-Neckline Lace Bodice Satin Dress with Pockets $418.00
Alyce Paris 60284 Alyce Paris 60284
Halter Jersey Two-Piece $248.00
Alyce Paris 60311 Alyce Paris 60311
Fit and Flare Luxe Silk Satin Gown $268.00 $108.00
Faviana S10256 Faviana S10256
Oh So Sexy A-List $298.00
Faviana 10204 Faviana 10204
Ever So Classic Fitted Gown $358.00
Faviana S10285 Faviana S10285
Simplistic Bar Back Dress $278.00
Faviana 9454 Faviana 9454
V-Neckline Halter Top Fitted Luxe Jersey Mermaid Dress $398.00
Faviana S10297 Faviana S10297
Simple Yet Sexy Off The Shoulder Fitted Dress $378.00
Faviana S10205 Faviana S10205
Criss Cross Fit and Flare $298.00
Alyce Paris 60459 Alyce Paris 60459
Halter with High Slit $258.00
Faviana S10238 Faviana S10238
Don't Burst My Polka Dot $358.00
Faviana 9469 Faviana 9469
Silky High Slit Gown $358.00
Faviana S10267 Faviana S10267
Classic Fitted V-Neckline Gown $358.00
Faviana S10274 Faviana S10274
V-Neckline Fitted Gown $378.00
Alyce Paris 60537 Alyce Paris 60537
High Neckline Shimmering Fitted Sexy Evening Dress $478.00
Sherri Hill 52051 Sherri Hill 52051
High Neckline Sequin Long Dress $518.00
Faviana 10105 Faviana 10105
Jersey Mermaid Gown with Plunging Neckline $298.00
Sherri Hill 51995 Sherri Hill 51995
Fitted Lace Sleeveless Long Gown $698.00
La Femme 26629 La Femme 26629
Sexy V-Neckline Strapless Short Dress $198.00
La Femme 26663 La Femme 26663
High Neckline Fitted Velvet Short Dress $198.00
Faviana 7910 Faviana 7910
Formal Evenings Gown of Elegance $398.00
Sherri Hill 50803 Sherri Hill 50803
Two Piece A-Line Halter Neckline Sleeveless With Open Back $318.00
La Femme 24150 La Femme 24150
Simple Satin Dress with Cut-Outs and Open Back $298.00

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