Cut Outs

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Cut outs are the coolest way to design a dress. You can have several different types of cut out styles, side, back, front, stomach, and hip! Cut outs can be classy or sexy! If you are looking for a classy cut out then you want to balance where the cut out is in comparison to the dress style. An example of a classy cut out would be a one sleeve dress with a high neckline and half open back with a cut out side. Another example of a classy cut out would be a reverse halter style top without a keyhole and a side cut out, or back cut out! If you are looking for more sexy prom dresses, or want more of a sexy cut out style, then you could wear a double cut out dress with both sides cut out and a connecting fabric panel in the front. An example of a super sexy cut out dress would be an ultra low neckline, with a stomach cut out, exposing your belly button! If you have a super body you can wear a jersey dress with a cut out! Cut outs can be whatever style you are looking for, you can be classy, sexy, or extremely flashy!

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