Cut Outs

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Cut-outs are one of the most refreshing ways to add detailing to a dress. You can have several different types of cut out styles, side, back, front, stomach, and hip! Cut-outs can be classy or sexy! If you are looking for a chic cut out, then you would want to balance where the cut out is in comparison to the dress style. An example of a classy cut out would be a one-sleeve dress with a high neckline and half open back with a cut-out side. Another example of a chic cut out would be a reverse halter style top without a keyhole, and a side cut-out, or back cut out! If you are looking for more sexy prom dresses, or want more of a sexy cut-out style, then you could wear a double cut out with both sides cut out and a connecting fabric panel in the front. An example of a super sexy cut-out dress would be an ultra-low neckline, with a stomach cut out, exposing your belly button! If you have a super body, you can wear a jersey dress with a cut-out! Cutouts can be whatever style you are looking for, and you can be classy, sexy, or extremely flashy!

No matter the occasion, cut-outs are always a great option to jazz up your ensemble. Simple outfits can quickly be taken up a notch with a simple cut out on the shoulder, or across the abdomen. Switch things up from the traditional cut outs and try something geometric, or vintage inspired! Cut-outs have been featured in different styles and many different manners over the last 60 years. Whether you are looking for something more vintage inspired or something modern and trendy, cut-outs are sure to be featured! On every red carpet or Hollywood event, you are destined to see cutouts. Celebrities like J-Lo, Miranda Kerr, Selena Gomez have been spotted wearing fabulous gowns with unique cut out details. Wherever you’re headed, give cut outs a try, they are destined to spice up your look!

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