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According to Pantone, coral is the Color of the Year in 2020. And, we think this trend will continue. Coral is a gorgeous, flattering color that captures the eye. No wonder so many people choose a coral prom dress.

What Colors Make Coral?

There are many shades of coral, such as salmon and certain shades of pink. However, in general, the color is a mix of red and orange. As the color is a blend of two strong colors, coral is bright and eye-catching.

What Does the Color Coral Symbolize?

Coral is pale and friendly but still bright enough to be outgoing. The color is often chosen by easy-going and approachable people. When wearing or seeing coral, people are more likely to be social and feel an increase in energy. A coral prom dress is a great choice for a confident, vivacious woman.

Coral Dress Inspiration

There have been many beautiful coral dresses on the red carpet. If you need some inspiration, we recommend you take a look at Sarah Hyland's two-piece ensemble with a coral skirt at the 2014 Emmys, Anna Kendrick's chiffon coral dress at the 2015 Oscars, or Samira Wiley's coral cocktail dress at the 2016 Elle's Women in Television awards.

How to Wear Coral?

Coral is flattering to all skin shades, making it the perfect color. It's also flattering on all body shapes, so finding a coral plus size dress shouldn't be a problem. A long as you feel confident and sexy in it, a coral prom dress is the right choice for you.

The color itself can be bright and bold or muted and toned down. You can ramp up your coral prom dress by choosing a dress with lace, embellishments, or patterns.

Coral for Celebrations

There's a reason this color was named the color of the year. It's a classic choice that is a great addition to any wardrobe. If you choose to purchase a coral prom dress, you can rest assured you will reuse it. We promise won't sit in your closet for too long! You can repurpose it for a bridesmaid dress, a birthday celebrating dress, a homecoming dress, or just for a nice date night.

Be a show stopper at your next formal event in any of our cute coral prom dresses! Coral is the new pink, perfect for darker skin tones or those with a porcelain skin tone. From homecoming to prom coral is the go-to color this season, adding a little flair to any dress. Genealogy has the best selection when it comes to coral prom dresses offering a wide array of styles in this beautiful color from short to long, sleeveless to dresses with sleeves, and not to mention the annual favorite mermaid style. If you can't find the shade or hue you are looking for, dig through the pink prom dresses area for some closely related options. Whether you are looking for coral prom dresses or coral quinceanera dresses our online selection is guaranteed to have a perfect look for you. If you aren't looking to break the bank this formal season with a pricey evening gown, don't worry because we carry tons of styles with a cheap price tag.

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