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Cocktail dresses have been a staple in most women's closet for years. Whether it's for a special occasion, prom, or just a date night, the right cocktail dresses can make a woman feel vibrant, sexy, and confident.

What are Cocktail Dresses?

A typical cocktail dress is described as finishing at or above the knees, and appropriate for semi-formal to formal occasions. However, we would argue this isn't quite true anymore. With midi-dresses being incredibly popular, we say that midi dresses arguably fit into the cocktail dresses category.

In the 1963 movie "The Ex-Mrs.bradford" describes a cocktail dress as something "to spill cocktails on."

What is the History of the Cocktail Dresses?

The history of the cocktail dresses starts with the popularity of cocktails, which boomed in American and European culture throughout the 1800s. In the early 1910s it became acceptable for women to drink in public, and with that came the rise of the cocktail dress.

During the Flapper Era, women loved cocktail dresses that were practical to wear during the day and dressed up in the evening with some extra jewelry. The Prohibition Era made the idea of a cocktail dress almost seem naughty, as drinking was banned.

Vogue forever eternalized the term 'cocktail dress' in their May 15, 1927 issue.

The 1950s are considered to be the height of the cocktail dress by many people with starlets such as Marilyn Monroe introducing a more waist-cinched and curve-hugging.

Ever since then, the cocktail dress has maintained its popularity and found a place at every modern party!

Cocktail Dress Styles

The main character feature of the cocktail dress is its length. For short prom dresses, the length ranges from above the knee to hitting the mid-calf. Gowns that hit the floor, maxi dresses, and minidresses, are all not considered cocktail dresses.

After the length, the cocktail dress can fit a multitude of descriptions. At the right length, the popular little black dress can be considered a cocktail dress. Cocktail dresses can be modest with high necklines and sleeves, or they can be form-hugging and sexy.

Cocktail dresses often look amazing in a single color but can also astound with patterns and embellishments. Simple cocktail dresses, such as all white dresses or all-black dresses, can be paired with extravagant clutches or jewelry. On the other hand, detailed cocktail dresses can be paired with simple heels and soft jewelry accent pieces.

It's highly recommended when wearing a cocktail dress to pair it with heels. Your heels don't have to be incredibly high, but a feature of the cocktail dress is that it brings attention to your legs and your form, so heels help to give you an elongated outline.

Who Should Wear Cocktail Dresses

Absolutely everyone can, and should, wear a cocktail dress. Companies make plus size cocktail dresses because this dress style looks amazing on all shapes and sizes. There are no rules for who can and should wear a cocktail dress. As long as you feel comfortable and sexy in your dress, you wear it as you please!

When to Wear a Cocktail Dress

As their name suggests, cocktail dresses are ideal for semi-formal and evening outings. However, they are not limited to these occasions. The short gown has become a popular homecoming dress recently, and they are showing up at weddings as well. Just make sure you keep in mind the setting of the event matches the style of your cocktail dress.

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La Femme 23790 La Femme 23790
High neck Short dress $438.00 $298.00
Faviana 8055 Faviana 8055
Fitted Jersey Boat Neckline Cocktail with Deep V Side Cutouts and Back $198.00
La Femme 23495 La Femme 23495
Strapless Lace Cocktail Dress $298.00
La Femme 23871 La Femme 23871
Short Leather strapless dress $378.00 $198.00
Sherri Hill 50853 Sherri Hill 50853
Short Floral Skirt with Halter Neckline $450.00
La Femme 24283 La Femme 24283
Sleeveless Short Dress with Open Strappy Back $298.00 $250.00
Faviana 8054 Faviana 8054
Deep V Neckline Jersey Cocktail Dress with Slit and Open Corset Back $198.00
Alyce Paris 2620 Alyce Paris 2620
Scalloped Beading Short Alyce Paris 2620 $1198.00 $128.00
Sherri Hill 50825 Sherri Hill 50825
Quarter Length Sleeve Cocktail with Boat Neckline and Floral Print $480.00
Sherri Hill 50751 Sherri Hill 50751
Two Piece Mini Skirt with Ballgown Overlay $450.00
Faviana 8051 Faviana 8051
Strapless Sweetheart Cocktail Dress with Ruching and Slit $198.00
La Femme 24211 La Femme 24211
Floral Printed A Line Short Dress $278.00 $250.00
La Femme 24212 La Femme 24212
Short Dress with Pockets $250.00
Sherri Hill 51160 Sherri Hill 51160
Strapless High-Low A-Line with Floral Printed Lining $550.00
La Femme 24178 La Femme 24178
Vegan Leather Semi Formal $378.00 $298.00
Faviana 8053 Faviana 8053
Jersey Halter Neckline Cocktail Dress with Slit and Cutout Back $198.00
Sherri Hill 50817 Sherri Hill 50817
Sleeveless Fitted Two-Piece with Lace Applique and Embroidery $350.00
Sherri Hill 50855 Sherri Hill 50855
Two Piece Printed Cocktail Dress $350.00
Sherri Hill 50815 Sherri Hill 50815
Off the Shoulder Satin Short Dress $398.00
Alyce Paris 2628 Alyce Paris 2628
Fun Fringe Sleeveless Halter Open Back Short Dress $1790.00 $188.00
La Femme 23875 La Femme 23875
Short Leather open back dress $378.00 $298.00
Sherri Hill 50818 Sherri Hill 50818
2 Piece Capped Sleeve Short Dress $698.00
Alyce Paris 8005 Alyce Paris 8005
Strapless Sweetheart With Waterfall Detail $398.00 $98.00
Faviana 8052 Faviana 8052
V Neck Cocktail Dress $198.00
Faviana 8093 Faviana 8093
Multi-Print Dress with Simple Silhouette $258.00
Faviana S8057 Faviana S8057
Jersey Cocktail Dress with High Neckline and Cutout Open Back $198.00
La Femme 24107 La Femme 24107
Long Sleeve Two Piece Mini Skirt $378.00
La Femme 23483 La Femme 23483
Short Halter dress $250.00
Sherri Hill 50798 Sherri Hill 50798
Short 2 Piece Beaded Halter Neckline with Layered Ruffle Skirt $450.00
Sherri Hill 50854 Sherri Hill 50854
Short Two Piece Straps Floral $350.00
Sherri Hill 50799 Sherri Hill 50799
Strapless Sweetheart Cocktail with Multi Print Design $358.00
Sherri Hill 51179 Sherri Hill 51179
Short Floral Printed Strapless Sweetheart Neckline with Pockets $350.00
Sherri Hill 50829 Sherri Hill 50829
2 Piece Capped Sleeve Short Dress $550.00
Alyce Paris 2610 Alyce Paris 2610
Layered Fringe Short Dress $2998.00 $198.00
Faviana S8094 Faviana S8094
Off the Shoulder Lace Short Dress $248.00
La Femme 23593 La Femme 23593
Strapless Short dress $250.00
La Femme 24026 La Femme 24026
Leather Two Piece Short Dress $398.00 $198.00
La Femme 24620 La Femme 24620
The Julie Rose Dress $278.00 $198.00
Madison James 17506 Madison James 17-506
Fitted Jersey Short Dress with Cut Outs $198.00 $168.30
Sherri Hill 50756 Sherri Hill 50756
Short Lace Swing Dress $270.00
Faviana 7853 Faviana 7853
Sexy Short Jersey Knit Halter with Cut-Outs and No Beading $198.00
Faviana 7850 Faviana 7850
Short V Neckline Faille Satin with Straps and Slit $198.00

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