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It's hard to resist the ethereal glow of flowing chiffon formal dresses, which is why they are so loved! The soft and effortless flow of the fabric will truly emphasize your inner princess. Chiffon dresses have been a staple in fashion since the 1700s due to the ease of versatility in styles. Derived originally from silk, this is a soft and thin fabric that was first used to symbolize wealth. Chiffon prom dresses are great options for formal occasions because not only will you look fabulous, you will feel fabulous as you dance the night away! Some of your favorite designers like Tiffany Designs and La Femme gowns are known for their eye-catching chiffon formal evening dresses. Whether you were searching for an elegant black gown or a girly pink gown for prom, you just can't go wrong. Between prom, homecoming, and other formal occasions it can be hard to not break the bank when shopping for dresses, but Genealogy offers a large selection of short and long dresses at cheap prices. Upcoming weddings can be stressful but we are here to help. We can help you find the perfect white formal gown for your wedding, simple designs for bridesmaid dresses, and sassy cocktail attire for guests. No matter the detail, any chiffon gown is sure to be extremely flattering, and extremely comfortable. What more could a girl need?

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Alyce Paris 60354 Alyce Paris 60354
High Neckline Open Back Flowing Chiffon Dress $278.00 $248.00
Sherri Hill 52590 Sherri Hill 52590
Chiffon Sweetheart Neckline Open Back $398.00
Faviana S10244 Faviana S10244
Gorgeous Beaded Two Piece Dress $458.00
Alyce Paris 60352 Alyce Paris 60352
Strapless Sweetheart Neckline Beaded Bodice Chiffon Gown $378.00 $298.00
Sherri Hill 52461 Sherri Hill 52461
Chiffon V-Neckline Beaded Gown $598.00
Sherri Hill 52640 Sherri Hill 52640
Glitter chiffon A-line with pearl beading and plunging neckline and back $598.00
Faviana S10229 Faviana S10229
Oh So Pretty In Tulle $398.00
Madison James 19129 Madison James 19-129
Oh So Classic and Fun A-Line Beaded Two Peice $358.00 $304.30
Morilee Prom 43074A Morilee Prom 43074A
Goddess Chiffon Gown with Open Back $378.00
Tiffany Designs 16337 Tiffany Designs 16337
Beaded High Neckline Long Flowing Chiffon Dress $478.00
Morilee Prom 43067 Morilee Prom 43067
A-Line Beaded Chiffon Dress $418.00
Madison James 19193 Madison James 19-193
Sexy V-Neckline Long Chiffon Sleeveless Dress $278.00 $236.30
Faviana 9472 Faviana 9472
Heavenly Sheer Lace Gown $398.00
Faviana S10220 Faviana S10220
Key To My Heart Two Piece $378.00
Faviana S10203 Faviana S10203
Simple $318.00
Sherri Hill 52450 Sherri Hill 52450
Grecian Goddess Dress $450.00
Faviana S10228 Faviana S10228
Flowing With The Beading $378.00
Sherri Hill 52950 Sherri Hill 52950
Boho Floral Two Piece $550.00
Faviana S10235 Faviana S10235
Key To My Dress $298.00
Panoply 14912 Panoply 14912
Deep V-Neck High Slit A-Line $338.00
Sherri Hill 52818 Sherri Hill 52818
Living the Dream Dress $450.00
Morilee Prom 43003 Morilee Prom 43003
High Neckline Beaded A-Line Gown $470.00
Sherri Hill 52621 Sherri Hill 52621
Floral A-Line Gown $498.00
Sherri Hill 52822 Sherri Hill 52822
Strapless Chiffon Gown with Lace Bodice $450.00
Sherri Hill 52756 Sherri Hill 52756
Two-Piece High-Low with Sleeves $498.00
Madison James 19137 Madison James 19-137
Simplicity With A Hint Of Sexy $278.00 $236.30
La Femme 27751 La Femme 27751
Lace See-Through Bodice $398.00
Sherri Hill 52719 Sherri Hill 52719
Lace Off-The-Shoulder Two Piece with Chiffon Skirt $498.00
Madison James 19152 Madison James 19-152
Plunging V-Neckline Open Back Chiffon Dress $370.00 $314.50
Faviana S10238 Faviana S10238
Don't Burst My Polka Dot $358.00
Faviana S10277 Faviana S10277
Girly High Neckline Floral Gown $378.00
Faviana 10201 Faviana 10201
Deep Neckline Embroidered Chiffon Gown $378.00
Madison James 18724 Madison James 18-724
Long A-Line Chiffon $230.00 $195.50
Gigi 26059 Gigi 26059
Off the Shoulder A-Line Crepe Chiffon $338.00
Faviana S10032 Faviana S10032
Cold-Shoulder Two Piece Sheer Chiffon Romper Dress $358.00
Sherri Hill 51640 Sherri Hill 51640
Long A-Line Chiffon V-Neck $480.00
Tiffany Designs 16265 Tiffany Designs 16265
Long A-Line Chiffon V-Neck $369.00
Alyce Paris 60160 Alyce Paris 60160
Long A-Line Chiffon $278.00 $248.00
La Femme 25355 La Femme 25355
Long A-Line Chiffon $350.00
Faviana 10155 Faviana 10155
Off the shoulder Flowing Short Dress $270.00
Panoply 14873 Panoply 14873
Long A-Line Chiffon $369.00

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