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We could all use a little extra support or emphasis in the bust and a bra friendly formal dress is the perfect option! Whether you're a bust body shape and want the extra support and a not-so-busty girl and need a little emphasis, this type of dress is the way to go! You have a lot of variety to choose from when it comes to bra friendly dresses so your options definitely are not limited. The halter style dress is always a great pick for any bust size and can easily be worn with a halter convertible bra. A strapless dress, or a dress with thin shoulder straps, can also be worn with a bra as long as it has removable bra straps. Some dresses even have one to two inch shoulder straps that feature rhinestones or sequins and can be worn with your everyday bra. It is definitely worth investing in a great convertible that has removable padding and is of good quality. The options are endless with these types of bras and you are sure to get your money's worth! It is always important to be comfortable and free to move in your formal dress on your special night so choosing a dress that is bra friendly is a great choice!