Blue Formal Dresses

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Blue dresses are so great, and blue dress shades are the most flattering of any color. From Carolina, navy, royal, mediterranean, teal, sky, light, midnight, turquoise, ocean, and so many other shades. There is a hue for you! Any shade is perfect for all year round. Light and sky are perfect for the spring and summer, but also look good in the winter (like homecoming) with the "ice" effect. One of the most popular evening colors of all time, formal blue dresses are also known as the color of tranquility. Navy blue dresses are the new black so you can actually wear them to any function or party. Navy's are great for casual or formal, blondes or brunettes, young or old, and skinny or voluptuous. You simply cannot go wrong! Ellie Wilde by Mon Cheri has the best hues of blue for this season.

If you have light eyes wearing a blue prom dress will bring out the color. And of course every year our blue cocktail dresses (short blue dresses) become more popular. If you notice blue can be paired with anything, silver, gold, tan, brown, red, green or even coral prom dresses. We love mixing all shades of royal blue prom dresses. Mix an aqua with a navy and you can create your own masterpiece for prom, homecoming or any formal event!


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