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La Femme 24928
Lace Off the Shoulder Dress $598.00
Gigi 24392
2 Piece Open Back Mermaid Dress $498.00 $338.00
Sherri Hill 50800
2 Piece Beaded V Neck and Chiffon with Low Back $318.00
La Femme 24293
Halter Lace High Slit Open Back Dress $350.00
La Femme 24637
Halter Neckline 2 Piece dress $538.00
Sherri Hill 51282
Pencil Skirt Dress with Halter Neck and Beads $850.00
Jovani jvn46081
Extravagant Floor Length Gown with Cape Skirt $460.00
La Femme 24507
The Hailey Dress $438.00
Sherri Hill 51373
Beaded Satin Mermaid $750.00
Sherri Hill 50732
Fitted Satin and Tulle Off-the-Shoulder Mermaid $550.00
Sherri Hill 50854
Short Two Piece Straps Floral $350.00
La Femme 24303
Beaded Lace Mermaid with Cutouts and Halter Neckline $478.00
La Femme 24164
Lace Romper Dress With Sleeves $538.00
Sherri Hill 50818
2 Piece Capped Sleeve Short Dress $698.00
Sherri Hill 51274
Beaded Frenzy High Neck Dress with Short Skirt $598.00
La Femme 24463
Lace Two Piece Dress with Halter Top and High Slit $478.00
La Femme 24382
Fitted Dress with Halter Top and Open Back $398.00
Faviana 8070
Short Dress with Lace Top $270.00
Sherri Hill 51201
Long A-Line Halter Sleeveless Floral Skirt $598.00
Sherri Hill 51522
Short Lace 2 Piece $398.00
La Femme 24174
Off the Shoulder Beaded Two-Piece Dress $578.00
Jovani 47100
Simple No beaded Halter Fitted Dress $500.00
Sherri Hill 50561
Tulle A-Line 2 Piece with Cap Sleeves and Open Back $650.00
Sherri Hill 51204
Two-Piece Off the Shoulder Sherri Hill $598.00
Sherri Hill 50798
Short 2 Piece Beaded Halter Neckline with Layered Ruffle Skirt $450.00
Sherri Hill 51200
Printed V Neck A-Line Ballgown $598.00
Sherri Hill 51318
Satin Off the Shoulder Two Piece $378.00
Gigi 24090
Beaded Halter Top Open Back With High Slit $378.00
Alyce Paris 6523
Seaside Heights Dress $498.00 $98.00
Faviana S7511
Knockout Dress $458.00
Sherri Hill 50730
Sexy Off the Shoulder Long Gown $450.00
Alyce Paris 6519
Sparkling Seaside Dress $338.00 $98.00
Alyce Paris 4455
Short Beaded Halter Jersey with Cutouts and Open Back $278.00 $98.00
Sherri Hill 50764
Long Sleeve Open Back Short Dress $450.00
Faviana 7943
High Neck Jersey with Side Mesh Panels and Open Back $318.00

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There are a few days in your life that will always be memorable and stand out to you. The day you met your best friend, the day you graduate high school, your wedding day, and your prom day, are to name a few. Prom is such a special night and when reminiscing about it for years to come, you want to make sure you were dressed to perfection.

For many young women, a blue prom dress is a possibility. Blue is a versatile and impactful color. For those who are considering blue prom dresses, keep reading to find out if this is the right color choice for you.

What Does the Color Blue Symbolize?

The color blue is associated with open spaces, expansiveness, and freedom, as it is the color of the sky and the ocean. Royal blue is also associated with loyalty, trust, intelligence, confidence, and stability.

When the human eye sees blue, it produces feelings of calmness and serenity.

The term "blue blood" refers to someone who is noble, or of superior birth.

Famous Blue Gowns on the Big Screen

Some of the most famous blue gowns on the big screen include Lily James' baby blue gown in Cinderella, Michelle Pfeiffer's dark blue gown in Scarface, and Gal Gadot's stunning blue dress in Wonder Woman.

Celebrities that Love Blue Dresses

Many celebrities love to wear dark blue dresses on the red carpet. Blue can be shocking or light and captures well on camera. Some celebrities that rocked particularly amazing blue formal dresses include Selena Gomez, Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, and Gabourey Sidibe.

Styling a Blue Dress

Everyone can wear a blue dress, but it's important to keep in mind that there are many shades of blue. When it comes to deciding which shade to pick for yourself, consider your skin tone and hair color. You will want to pick a complementary shade of blue to both your skin and hair.

Dark-skinned women should choose a lighter blue that doesn't match their skin tone too closely. All ranges of the blue family (from deep navy to royal blue) are particularly flattering for medium skin tones. And lastly, those with cool skin tones look amazing in frosty shades of ice blue.

You can find out what kind of skin tone you have here.

Blue Prom Dresses

When choosing a blue prom dress, the good news is there is a lot of variety. From choosing navy blue prom dresses for a royalty feel or light blue dresses for a princess feel, you can go either way! Blue can be made to look stunning and elegant or modern and sexy.

Make sure to style your dress in complimentary details. For example, if you're trying on royal blue prom dresses, they will pair well with a silver clutch or silver jewelry. While a light blue gown will pair nicely with nude heels and a beige clutch.

Wearing a blue prom dress is always a great choice. Make sure to hold the blue dress against your skin (or try it on), to make sure you are choosing a shade of blue that highlights your hair and skin tone. And most importantly, choose a blue dress that you feel confident and happy in.

Blue Gowns for All Occasions

Blue is a classic color that never goes out of style. You can choose to wear a navy blue gown to any special occasion, including homecoming, winter formal, military balls, a Sweet 16 celebration, weddings, birthdays, pageants, or any other event!