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Faviana 10372
Short with Lace Up Back $298.00
Faviana 10352
Short Stretch Jersey $198.00
Faviana S10423
V Neckline Open Back A Line Gown $398.00
Madison James 20349
Velvet A-Line $319.00
Morilee Prom 43041
Elegant Off The Shoulder Satin Ball Gown $370.00
Joshua McKinley 9053
Strapless Pattern Printed Long Evening Dress $570.00
Morilee Prom 43121
Classy With A Touch Of Sexy Lace High Slit Gown $478.00
La Femme 27467
Strapless Sweetheart Neckline Sequin Ball Gown $498.00
Alyce Paris 4132
Off-The-Shoulder Lace and Jersey Two Piece $228.00
Sherri Hill 53191
V-Neckline Fitted Short Dress $398.00
Alyce Paris 5064
Lace V Neckline Ball Gown $648.00 $598.00
Alyce Paris 60478
Bell sleeve sequin key hole bodice with open back $448.00 $198.00
La Femme 28233
Long Sleeve Short Lace Formal Dress $198.00
Morilee Prom 43001
Beaded V-Neckline Fitted Gown $550.00
Jovani jvn62489
Sexy Off the Shoulder Lace Dress with Cape $419.00
Alyce Paris 4115
High neckline open back short fitted bandage jersey $148.00
La Femme 27267
Strapless Lace Fit and Flare Gown $478.00
Faviana S10205
Criss Cross Fit and Flare $298.00
La Femme 28194
High neckline long sleeve short sequin $218.00
Panoply 14910V
Velvet Fitter Gown with High Slit $378.00
Studio 17 12727
Off The Shoulder Fitted Gown $284.00
Alyce Paris 60549
V-Neckline Open Back Fitted Evening Gown $598.00 $498.00
La Femme 27787
Strapless sweetheart neckline fitted satin stretch with high slit $298.00
Sherri Hill 52472
Lace Two-Piece with High-Low Skirt $450.00
Faviana S10218
Let's Do The Criss-Cross $298.00
La Femme 27469
Simple A Neckline Open Back High Slit Fitted Gown $298.00
Joshua McKinley 9051
High Neckline Open Back Shimmering Fitted Mermaid Dress $720.00
Jovani 65051
Sexy Deep V-Neckline Formal Romper Jumpsuit $990.00
Alyce Paris 5003
Sweetheart Neckline Strapless A Line Dress $298.00 $128.00
Sherri Hill 53192
Short halter neckline low back fitted jersey with beaded detailing $398.00
Johnathan Kayne 9067
Sweetheart Neckline Shimmering Ball Gown Dress $900.00
Tiffany Designs 16368
High Neckline Glitter Fit and Flare $398.00
La Femme 27224
Off the Shoulder Ruffle Ball Gown Dress $398.00
La Femme 27538
Plunging V-Neck Fitted With Slit $338.00
La Femme 28155
Off the shoulder sweetheart neckline short a line sequin $218.00
Morilee Prom 43053
Long Sleeve Corset Back Jersey Knit Dress $458.00
La Femme 27564
Fitted Long Stretchy V-Neck $298.00
Morilee Prom 43059
Classic High Slit Jersey Knit Dress $358.00
Alyce Paris 60298
Satin Chiffon A-Line with Lace Halter Neckline $318.00 $98.00
Alyce Paris 4126
V neckline low back short lace satin $198.00
Morilee Prom 43061
Sweetheart Halter Lace Mermaid Gown $390.00
Tiffany Designs 16356
Sweetheart Neckline Mermaid With Beading $498.00

Finding a prom dress is both exciting and nerve-wracking. There are so many colors and styles out there, and it can hard to decide what's right for you. A recent trend we've noticed is black prom dresses.

Black formal dresses have been taking front and center recently. In fact, some women are wearing gorgeous, flowing black gowns for their wedding dress!

Keep reading to find out if a black prom dress is the right decision for you.

What Does the Color Black Symbolize?

The color back is actually the absence of color and is required for all other colors to have a variation of hue and depth. Black is associated with power, authority, and strength. It's also associated with elegance, sophistication, formality, which is why formal parties are referred to as "black tie" events.

Black is said to positively affect the body and the mind, boosting confidence in appearance.

Famous Black Gowns on the Big Screen

Black dresses are often chosen to be in movies and television shows as the color is dramatic and pops. Some famous black dresses that stand out most to us include Grace Kelly's black cocktail dress in "Rear Window," Demi Moore's sexy black dress in "Indecent Proposal," and Angelina Jolie's flowing black gown in "The Tourist."

Celebrities That Love Black Gowns

Celebrities also love to wear black dresses on the red carpet for the eye-catching effect. Some famous names that have sported stunning black dresses include Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, Rhianna, Kendall Jenner, and Adele.

Who is Black Right For?

Black is a very slimming color so it can be a perfect choice for plus size women. But really, black is a perfect choice for anyone. It's slimming, versatile, and pairs with all skin tones and hair colors.

How to Style a Black Prom Dress

The great thing about choosing a black prom dress is that you can style it in many different ways. You can choose a long, elegant black gown and pair it with some flashy jewelry. Or, you can choose a sexy, black cocktail dress to capture attention. You can choose to have a patterned dress with a black background, a half-black dress, or a sparkly black dress with plenty of embellishments.

The most important thing when choosing a black dress for prom is to make sure you feel comfortable and beautiful in it. Try the dress on to make sure it really represents you and your style.

Black Dresses for All Occasions

Additionally, a black dress doesn't only have to be worn for prom! It can be repurposed for any special occasion. Your black prom dress can become your black homecoming dress. Or, you can choose a black gown for winter formals, military balls, pageants, sweet 16 celebration, weddings, and any other special occasion.

Prom season is upon us, and what is more exciting than going shopping for the perfect prom dress? Every young woman dreams of her prom - how she will wear her hair and makeup, the beautiful jewelry she will wear, and of course the most gorgeous dress in the world! Now the time has arrived and the magic is about to begin.

One of the most popular choices among prom dresses is the classic black prom dress. Two of the top-selling choices prom season after prom season are black prom dresses and black and gold prom dresses. Whether your preference is for a short or long black prom dress, silky, sequined, decorated with lace or jewels sleeveless, short or long sleeve, mermaid style or even a two-piece halter-type dress, the style you choose is all about self-expression and feeling your absolute best. Your prom will be an event you will remember for the rest of your life. You should be able to look back on your memories of prom night and smile.

Along with your dream dress, you will want to choose the perfect accessories. From jewelry to shoes to hair accessories, you can choose items that will light up the night or blend in perfectly with your dress for a classy, picture-perfect look. Your makeup can match your dress and hair for a monochromatic look or you can create a standout palette to make your eyes and lips pop with bright, glitzy color. One of the best things about prom night is that it is your time to shine. You are the star and it is all about you.

When choosing a dress, pay special attention to how the dress fits and how comfortable it is to move around in. Remember, you will be walking around and dancing, so don't just stand still and look at the dress in front of the mirror. Make sure your dress is the correct size so that it looks and feels good. Most prom dress styles are available in plus size to accommodate everyone. Black and white prom dresses are classic and timeless while giving off a daring look.

Make choosing your prom dress a fun event. Plan a shopping trip with a couple of friends and make a day of it. Go out to lunch, get manicures, and take lots of pictures to print out later for your scrapbook. While shopping, remember to take your prom's theme into consideration. For example, if the prom theme is related to the beach or the sea, consider choosing a mermaid-style dress. A Gone With The Wind-type theme? Choose a beautiful ball gown style, complete with gloves and a hand-held fan. Have fun with it. That's what it's all about!

Now let's go over a few Do's and Don'ts for prom and prom dressing. You want your prom to be something to remember for all the RIGHT reasons, so take a few moments to ensure that everything goes smoothly on one of the biggest nights of your life.

DO take the time to find the prom dress of your dreams. Try it on with the shoes and undergarments you will wear to the dance so you can make sure everything fits well and looks good together. Comfort is super-important.

DON'T choose a dress based on a temporary fad. If the dress is uncomfortable and is not flattering to your body type and features, do yourself a big favor and make a better choice. You'll be glad you did.

DO choose a hairstyle that works with your hair texture and length. Of course, you can always treat yourself to hair extensions or some other extravagance for this special occasion. Again, its all about you and making memories that will last a lifetime.

DON'T do anything too extreme that you will regret once prom has come and gone. Stay away from permanent hair colors or severe cuts. Those kinds of changes are best made after careful consideration and planning.

This is your prom, and you should take the time to make it everything you want it to be. Turn yourself into a beautiful princess, a gorgeous Southern belle, a classy supermodel, or a total rockstar! It's your time to shine!

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