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Prom is one of the few times in your life where you get to dress up and feel like a princess. And, what better way to look the part, then dress in a ball gown to prom. Ball gown prom dresses have been in style for decades and show no signs of no longer being a trend anytime soon.

What is a Ball Gown

A ball gown is, by definition, a gown you wear to a formal event. It is typically considered a long gown that is extravagant and elegant. Many ball gown dresses have bouffant style skirts, as seen in Cinderella's iconic light blue gown.

When Did Ball Gowns Become Popular for Prom?

Ball gowns were introduced for proms in the 20th century. The long gowns were considered a safety precaution so that the dances would be appropriate and decent.

Iconic Ball Gowns for Inspiration

Need some inspiration for a ball gown? We recommend you look up Eva Peron's infamous Dior ball gown, Kate McGuire's red jewelry-studded ball gown, Irina Shayk's elegant black ball gown, or Ariana Grande's beautiful ball gown that she wore to the 2018 Met Gala.

Ball Gowns on the Big Screen

Ball gowns are quite popular in movies and on TV shows. Directors love to dress up their lead actress in a gown that is impactful and powerful when she comes on screen. Some ball gowns that stand out to us include Audrey Hepburn's vintage wedding dress in Sabrina, Anne Hathaway's white with green detailing ball gown in the Princess Diaries, and Christina Daae's gown in The Phantom of the Opera.

Styling a Ball Gown

A ball gown is perfect for all body shapes. If you're a plus size girl, a ball gown can help to tuck in the waist. Typically, most ball gowns are strapless. This shows off your shoulders and arms and brings attention to the bust.

If your ball gown is strapless, make sure to wear a necklace to highlight your neckline. Additionally, your ball gown will likely have a long skirt that hides your shoes. You can then choose a stunning clutch as your accessory to highlight with the dress.

Choosing the Right Ball Gown for Prom

When choosing a ball gown for prom, make sure you choose a color that compliments your skin tone and hair color. Take a look at some of your favorite pieces in your closet and see if there are certain shades or colors you prefer. Additionally, make sure to choose a dress that you feel comfortable and gorgeous in. Don't forget comfy shoes and a comfortable dress means that you can dance the night away!

Ball Gowns for All Special Occasions

Ball gowns are also commonly purchased for homecoming, winter formals, military balls, pageants, sweet 16 celebrations, and other special occasions.

Searching for the perfect gown isn't a struggle at Genealogy Boutique. We've got the hottest trends and best selection online when shopping for formal dresses. A trend that has never gone out of style is our beloved ball gown silhouette. This design typically features a fitted bust and waist followed by a full skirt. Mimicking an A, the legendary A-line skirt gets its name. We admire this look for all sorts of occasions like prom, pageants, military balls, and more. You can find a ball gown with just about any neckline from halters to long sleeves and range in colors including gold, purple, royal, and black. Our favorite ball gowns are white featuring pastel shades full of floral prints and glittery details.

A ball gown can make any figure stand out whether you are full of curves or super straight. Plus size ball gowns are flattering by cinching in the waist and showing off those curves. Supportive straps and detailed backs are great options for additional modest support on these dresses. The fullness of the skirt will give a slim figure volume and create a look of a curvy figure. While if you are on the curvy side already, ballgowns have the capability to enhance a sleek figure. A gold prom dress is versatile because it is both classic and modern, making the color appropriate for many events.

Ball gowns have quickly swept the pageant stage, and we love the look they release in front of the judges. This look glides along the stage and turns with such grace. Velvet ball gowns and tulle skirts aren't strangers to the Queen, and we are loving that they are making a fashion statement comeback. Military balls are also ideal occasions to rock a ball gown. Since this look is a classic staple, you'll be timeless walking around in honor of your battalion. Invited to a masquerade ball? Ball gowns are what you need. Filled with mystery and whimsical fun, a full skirt silhouette will embrace the night and show off your quirky personality. Quinceaneras, weddings, prom, and homecoming are all other special occasions that are entirely appropriate for ball gown dresses.

Designers including Mori Lee, Sherri Hill, Tiffany, and Alyce make great ball gowns ranging in prices that are affordable from cheap to luxury.

Shop online with Genealogy Boutique to find the perfect collection of ball gown prom dresses!

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Alyce Paris 1299
Long 2 Piece Tulle Ball Gown $389.00 $198.00
Sherri Hill 51803
Strapless Floral Printed Satin Ball Gown $650.00
Sherri Hill 51578
Long Strapless Sweetheart Ruffles $598.00
La Femme 26264
Strapless Tulle Ball Gown $538.00
Sherri Hill 51573
Off the Shoulder Lace Ball Gown $850.00
Sherri Hill 51895
2 Piece A-Line Swiss Dot Organza $490.00
La Femme 25664
Long A-Line Organza $398.00
Sherri Hill 51830
Strapless Mikado Ball Gown $898.00
Sherri Hill 51614
Off the Shoulder A-Line Tulle Ball Gown $598.00
Sherri Hill 51595
Strapless Sweetheart Tulle Ball Gown $650.00
Alyce Paris 101
Off The Shoulder Ball Gown Two Piece $348.00 $98.00
Sherri Hill 51673
2 Piece Satin Ball Gown $518.00
Jovani 58577
Satin A-Line Ballgown $950.00
Sherri Hill 52019
Long Satin Ball Gown $950.00
Sherri Hill 51644
Striped Organza Ball Gown $550.00
Sherri Hill 51789
Simple Strapless Ball Gown with Pockets $550.00
Gigi 26382
V-Neckline Lace and Tulle Open Back Ball Gown $438.00
Sherri Hill 51856
Long A-Line Mikado Ball Gown $398.00
Sherri Hill 51804
2 Piece Striped Organza Ball Gown $498.00
Sherri Hill 51621
A-line Satin with Criss Cross Halter Neck $550.00
Sherri Hill 51676
Low V-Neck Tulle Ball Gown $650.00
Sherri Hill 51701
Strapless Sweetheart Organza Ball Gown $550.00
Sherri Hill 51680
Off the Shoulder 2 Piece Printed Ball Gown $598.00
Sherri Hill 51708
Long Tulle Ball Gown V-Neck $718.00
Sherri Hill 52003
Strapless Floral Printed Ball Gown $550.00
Sherri Hill 51930
Strapless Floral Printed Organza Ball Gown $398.00
Sherri Hill 51633
Strapless Taffeta Ball Gown $598.00
Studio 17 12694
Long 2 Piece Tulle Ball Gown $415.00
Alyce Paris 60145
Long Strapless Tulle Ball Gown $528.00 $188.00
Gigi 25639
Long Tulle Ball Gown $398.00
La Femme 26233
Long 2 Piece Tulle Ball Gown $598.00
Sherri Hill 51905
Long V-Neck Tulle Ball Gown $850.00
La Femme 25928
Sweetheart Organza Ball Gown $478.00
Sherri Hill 52030
Long 2 Piece Off the Shoulder Ball Gown $718.00
Sherri Hill 51961
Long 2 Piece Ball Gown $598.00
Alyce Paris 1300
Off the Shoulder Tulle Ball Gown $338.00 $128.00
Sherri Hill 52124
Long Glitter Ballgown with Thin Straps $498.00
Alyce Paris 60210
2 Piece Tulle Ball Gown $268.00 $128.00
La Femme 26337
Long Lace Halter Ball Gown $598.00
La Femme 26110
Long 2 Piece Tulle Ball Gown $478.00
Jovani 55705
High Neck Floral Open Back $850.00
La Femme 26240
Long 2 Piece Tulle Ball Gown $438.00