About Us

We are a military family owned small business with a permanent retail store in Pooler, Georgia that has been operating for over a decade. During prom season, we also run pop-up locations in Charleston, South Carolina, and Raleigh, North Carolina. Online, Genealogy Boutique ships formal wear to all 50 states and internationally (on most brands). In 2020 we will have over 30 employees that will help tens of thousands of women at all ages find their dream formal gown, shoes, and accessories. We hope your experience with us is a positive one! If you have any negative experiences with us in-store or online, please let the owner know.

When you buy from a mom or pop business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home.

You are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mom or dad put food on the table, a family pay a mortgage, or a student pay for college.

Our customers are our shareholders and they are the ones that we strive to make happy.

Thank you for supporting small businesses like ours!

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Our Employees Are Our Family

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